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The egg of columbus.

8/18/2008 02:29:00 AM - 265 comments
The egg of columbus
Photo by greyhorn

Like the egg of Columbus,
sometimes the best solution
is the simpler.

Stay tuned.

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we are here waiting for the best!!
and you`re the only one that can do it!

First Comment! Is this the beginning of yet another "Zibri Masterpiece?"

can't wait for the new ZiPhone Zibri, can you please tell me,how much time do you need to launch it?
Greetings from your neighbour in Greece :-)

interesting mr zibri, very interesting

I used your jailbreak on the V1 because it seemed the most stable and popular. I didn't do a lot of deep investigation into the various tools. As yours is not available yet for 2.0, I used pwnage after it went through a couple of iterations. It doesn't seem as elegant, having to go through the repeated restores. Looking forward to your 2.0 version.

I can not wait for your version, Patience pays.

Awesome Zibri, I am still on 1.1.4 . I thought that when you posted a link for 2.0.1 that something may be ready. I don't think the dev team has a software unlock for the 3g yet. So I guess congratulations are due. If you have done what you've said you are once again a step above the rest. Thanks for your commitment to excellence.

well done zibri !!!!! I knew you would realise a new Ziphone I never lost faith in ya bud !!! Good luck with the developement :) will it be able to unlock the 3g baseband ???

Unlock for iPhone 3G? I'll donate if it is! My fingers are crossed!!!

YES YES YES UR THE MAN ZIBRI.....i had a feeling im like if zibri will tell us something someday its gonna be today.... nothing much more to say but thank you

Haha nice no more ipsw crap GG dev team

I trust in you!.. kill those assholes called "dev team"... you're the best

We've got faith in ya man, keep on keeping on. My touch will only be seen with your work. =]

oooo I can't wait



I knew it, you've got the answer.

haha! nice Zibri, good luck man, were all with you!

will this be an unlock fpr the 3g or just a jailbreak (a wrapper around pwnage? ;)..)

I Will await Anxious ;-)

Great work Zibri!
Keep up with it!
We all knew you could do it!
Greetings from Brazil!


Go go Mr Zibri
greetings from Quito, Ecuador

Thanks man. Apparently you did get my emails. Not that you ding this because of me, no but you do realize the service that you are doing for the community? This is great man. I am curious about this 5 second run though. Before, a Jailbreak and the activation with the unlock took about 1 minute, 10 seconds. This is great news and I love 'the way Apple would have.' Thanks man.

So true! An idiot can become a doctor a lawyer, a judge. Heck an idiot can be a C.E.O.

I love how many people actually read what you write Zibri. Looks like most of the lot just got excited that you posted a new entry. You did not say you were working on a new release. They just assumed. I for one hope that you are working on a new release, but I won't assume that you are.

I take it you are saying that any simpleton can do some research on the web and get enough information to write a hack, but it takes some real ingenuity to make one that works and works flawlessly. Simple code is lost on the masses Mister Z




SWEEEET! the simplier the better. Not like PWN hahaha Joke! Your the man Zibri!

Will it be better than Pwnage or WinPwn?

I'm also waiting for your work.
You are the best.. :)

I'm also waiting for your work.
You are the best.. :)

This is the first post labeled "iphone 2g unlock ziphone jailbreak firmware new"

Sounds like the start of something great!

Can't wait for it! I'm still on 1.1.4 just waiting for your new unlock ;)

Go zibri!

As always, You're the MAN !!!
Regards from LEBANON!

Maybe I to negative or just paying attention.

So no 3G....

I hope I'm wrong!!

Terima kasih Zibri....meaning thank you zibri.....this is greetings from your sponsor friends in Kuantan , Kota bahru and so on in Malaysia...great work kawan(friend)

Ok everyone, please words and props are great to hear but lets all donate, knowing Zi as i do i know he would do this because he loves to outsmart his competition and he loves a challenge, but really he needs incentive, there will be other issues and updates that will require his talent and if he doesn't have the funds to keep his server running and websites and everything else then we are done. $5.00 minimum usd paypal rips off a percentage of everything so if yu can give more then by all means please do, but if everyone gives him a measly 5.00then Zi can realize a nice payday which i might add he awesomely deserves. I'm not schooling anyone here, i'm just saying lets get past our pride and ego and really donate and if you are a donater as am i already then back this post up and support me on this. I'm doing it for Zibri not for my ego or for Zibri to think i'm a great guy, i'm not. I suk, but i care. Zi I'll be donating again and if you haven't ever recieved money from me then pull my covers and prove me a liar. If you know i have donated then just let silence be the confirmation of funds recieved. Ok, I'm gone, please do the next right thing and donate to this genius of a man.

If it's 3G Unlock - you're going to be rich, man.

Go Zibri go cant wait to put my hands on your simple...elegant...masterstroke solution....my wishes are with you....may you rise n shine in this worldbbf

Show them the real money...!!

Greetings from Grecia!

Dear Zibri,

Thanks in advance.
Everyday I am looking ur movements..

Still Waiting...


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i wait good news zibri is the best but i think that he only do a software can unlock the edge iphone and jailbreak de 3g iphone, i hope im wrong because i have one 3g iphone but i think we need to wait some time.

zibri we wait for you.

Make it your motto day and night.
And it will lead you to the light.
The "Apple" on the top of the tree
Is never too high to achieve,
So take an example from Eve,

I just read the Columbus story. Man! How could you be a developer/programmer and a philosopher at the same time.

Show *them* how the egg should sit man. Even if you know they’ll say “that was easy”.

I just hope that egg will actually unlock the iPhone 3G!


Can you confirm that the nest release of ziphone will contain an unlock for Iphone 3g?


hey zib! you're simply amazing. as they say, only the few and the gifted survives. be great! cheers!

waiting for you man!
I tried pwnage - but found one serious problem for the iPHone 2G (upgrade to 2.0) - the exchange mail applications ALWAYS hang up!!!

let's kick some pwnass...!!!

Seems that is not anything related with the 3G unlock, as the label describe: "Labels: iphone 2g unlock ziphone jailbreak firmware new".
Good work zibri, I used ur software with 2G and its really fucking nice and I'm still waiting with my 3G in a box for the 3G unlock.
Good luck and many thanks from spain!

Ok everyone, please words and props are great to hear but lets all donate, knowing Zi as i do i know he would do this because he loves to outsmart his competition and he loves a challenge, but really he needs incentive, there will be other issues and updates that will require his talent and if he doesn't have the funds to keep his server running and websites and everything else then we are done. $5.00 minimum usd paypal rips off a percentage of everything so if yu can give more then by all means please do, but if everyone gives him a measly 5.00then Zi can realize a nice payday which i might add he awesomely deserves. I'm not schooling anyone here, i'm just saying lets get past our pride and ego and really donate and if you are a donater as am i already then back this post up and support me on this. I'm doing it for Zibri not for my ego or for Zibri to think i'm a great guy, i'm not. I suk, but i care. Zi I'll be donating again and if you haven't ever recieved money from me then pull my covers and prove me a liar. If you know i have donated then just let silence be the confirmation of funds recieved. Ok, I'm gone, please do the next right thing and donate to this genius of a man.

Glad to see that you have decided to continue your development of ZiPhone

Im waiting the new ziphone...

man, ive been holding out to the 2.0 ziphone, its hard, but im not giving up my customizer for nobody! plus that pwned stuff is to hard!no bad to the dev team, but i want a simple one touch system, and zi, do u take credit card for donations?

Now I get it. This statment is just to show that he created the process used in the new quick pwn... nothing more

Be the Force be with you!

I dont think he's tha only one that can do it but he's ONE of The BEST....

good night and good lucky, Zibri

the Dev team has been saying that its a copy of their quickpwn.. i don't believe them because they probably only said that to put them in a safe zone just in case you came out without with something... LIKE YOU DID ..... plus if is wasn't for you finding the 2.0 key they would have shit. Good luck in development.. and thank you

also apple just released 2.02 for the iphone is there any worth installing because idk which one ziphone will work on??

hi.. zibri how is life? i think good.but we are not good. when you make 3g iphone unlock software?please tell me...how many time we wait for you?

You are the Best Zibri, go for it!!!!

vamos adelante, esa es la actitud !!!

i thought you would never release another jailbreak method.

the dev team's way of going about things have turned me off from jailbreaking completely, but im willing to do it if it is as easy seamless as the original ziphone is.

now my iphone has this stuuuupid pineapple logo. wtf is up with that?

Yes. Donation on the way. I really hope theres a 3G unlock even though I still got iPhone 2G. It'll be fun for all those people waiting to unlock their 3G iPhone with Pwngae to come running over here.

I hope it's simple like the current ziphone, I hope theres an option to upgrade the bootloader back to 4.6. Winpwn gives alot of people errors, so don't want to go down that road.

So far my iPhone has been unlocked with ziphone and custom firmwares. iPhone or iTunes has never been pwned.

2.0.2 out already and soon 2.1

Patience is the key to success...


I have been in both Ziphone and DevTeam blog to keep up the jailbreak/unlock. I am a fan of both of you. Actually I used Ziphone since first release and continue using it.

Until DevTeam release Pwnage for firmware 2.0.

I too can see both of you try to discredit each other. And your post implies "Once the feat has been done, anyone knows how to do it." I think you mean DevTeam's works are based on you (or your "key".)

Sorry, what is the key? I don't know. I know only Ziphone used to work for me but not anymore.

The truth is, for now, everyone in the world using unlocked 2.0 (and 2.0.1) use either PWNage or WinPWN. The latest thread on DevTeam website also provides a tool that let you jailbreak/unlock 2.0 as easy as Zibir's.

Now the complete solution for all user level is done by DevTeam. What I've found in this website is only complaining about stealing. What should the users who don't know what the key for should impress your work?

I have no intention to blame you since both you and DevTeam work for free! (well, at least what it appears to be.) But I saw your tag on this post which implies you are not working on 3G. I am strongly disappointed.

As I mentioned PWN things are now usable through every level from beginner to advance, what is the point if you release Ziphone that work the same way? The users don't care what the real unlock or jailbreak is. They can use the phone. That's it.

I want to tell you only this.

What you can do to proof yourself again is the 3G unlock. That is the only thing DevTeam have not released until now.

(Don't misunderstand me that I post this comment because I want 3G unlock. I don't care because my country do not have 3G! I just want to let Zibri know his situation compare with DevTeam.)


This is pretty sick. The dude said that there's something simple. He may be talking JB only, maybe 2G unlock, and maybe even 3G unlock. IF this is the case - WTG!!!

However, he said nothing, and then this "Jenny" started telling people to donate at least 5$ because paypal takes a lot of money... doesn't that sound like someone a little too "in the know"?

The Dev Team is unwilling to take donations - all their work is free.

I'm all for supporting a dev. Show us why your solution is better than the DevTeam solution and maybe people will give you money. But dude - don't panhandle


OMG I CANT WAI... LOL this is just like u Zibri to leave us guessing....god i hate the suspense!!!!!!!!!!!!I cant use the pwnage tool it doesnt work for me!!!.....help us zibri ur our only hope!

Been checking your blog every few days in hope of you cracking the 2.. firmware with Ziphone. Didnt want to use anything else so I had decided to stay on 1.1.4 till you come up with something. Thanks for all the hard work.

Ciao Zibri, ho visto che è uscito la 2.0.2. Provvederai a sistemare anche quello oltre al 2.0.1?

Buon Lavoro

Hey Zibri Apple really hates anyone that has any knowledge of the underground! They delete posts at the drop of the hat if you give away any of their inside information! I'm glad you have a place where I can gather recon and learn some things that apple doesn't want me to know.

Do you have an opinion on the #g reception issue? I say faulty manufacturing at one or more sites, but they are trying to fix it with firmware and it's not working and making some users reception worse. It's a shame, because the iPhone has an enormous amount of potential.

I also see you are on top of 2.0.2

It had me freaking for almost 2 hours. There seems to be a lot of stupidity in the Itunes iPhone update , and restore area.

great work Zi! I like your style. Quite interesting. Good on ya for not releasing anything in a beta version as others have done. I gave a little donation first time around with 1.14 which was just too easy, loved it, the way it should be -- Thanks. Not even sure if you will release a new version, but not that you do this for monetary reasons i can tell, you can be assured there will be donations going your way again from alot of folks if you proceed...no rush, keep doing what you do, this blog is the only blog i regularly check, love the cryptic photography and hidden messages. Again good on ya for not listening to some of the BS from within your own blog from ?supporters? (how rude is that anyways?!) and outside, just keep doing what you do best....

Anyhow, enough with drama.
My new "egg" idea has nothing to do with all this.
And I don't even know if I will ever release it.
For now (as it happened with ZiPhone) I am using it and testing it.

Questa é bella, lavori la metti giu dura e poi non dai le prove del tuo lavoro....

Nice to know that Zibri will show everyone how the things are going, as he said, I prefer facts.
Anyway, nice to know too that Zibri likes spanish culture: Ziphone from Zorro and Egg of Columbus from Cristobal Colón. Who will be the next one: Dali, Picasso, Gaudi???
:-) Thanks Zibri.

Great news, make sure you charge some fee even if you don't want to, as some people won't donate on their own if you know what I mean ;-) Even if it's 10 Euros it will be more than worth it coming from Master Zibri ! Thanks again man !

i sure hope you will be able to release the "EGG" program...keep us updated

Whatever this can be… You're a clever boy, and you know it. ;-) That's dangerous! :-D

Zibri we don't need you to explain what is going on, we trust you so keep the good work and try not to listen a lot for others.
good luck with the unlock we are all waiting even people who don't love you are waiting ;)

tano, sos un capo...


You are so full of shit, you must be a DevTeam member. The upgrade 2.0.2 is not making reception worse. If you had any idea what you are talking about, you would sit back and keep your mouth shut. Yup. You must be Dev-Fuck-Team for sure.

i liked the 1.1.4 jailbreak so much cuz it was so simple
DO IT ALL and Walla your iphone is good to go
why the hell dev team made it so hard and laggy and buggy DAME IT
witing for you ZIBR you are the best of em all

Hop the best for you
and am witing for it
i hop it have (Cydia and installer )

Guys, I have a feeling that hes been trying to say that, his project is opensourced and he wants someone else to take the source code and modify it for the 2.0 jailbreak.

your're the MAN dude!!!!!!!

I hope is not about putting the iPhone in hot boiling water like Columbus egg... :P great work man, will donate very soon and thanks for the great work!!

looking forward to the new ziphone...big time! was never gonna chance a 2.0 update until Zibri produced something. will be donating for sure.

Hello ZI!!

I was looking forward to such a post! I want you to know that I really appreciated your tools thus far! I dont know if you are working on the 3g unlock or not!

One thing I know is that as a fellow programmer I want to help in something interesting, even though my knowledge is very limited on the subject I try to find resourses and learn more! So if you need any assistance on testing or anything please do say a word

Zibri rules he is so awesome
I think every one should donate!
Be a good person
Rely on his to release safe software
I will be donating


I Will keep up to date on new findings
Stupid iphone dev team


Go Zibri your the best
Young $ho++@

This usually happens after both turn to a problem, it appears that the answer is simple ... (im use google translater)

I´m glad you are on the way of developing again.
I have no doubt that your final product will be amazing, as usual.

But right now, iPhone Firmware 2.x.x and AppStore is so full of bugs that I can´t find a GOOD reason to move in.

I guess that most of people think that "if something it´s new, must be better".
In this case, it is not.

So I wish you all my best!
Patience is the mother of success.

Zibri, Please release your new version for 2.0.2. I am still sitting on 1.1.4 just because of you...........

It is a bit sad for what he post in his own blog at:


"Anyhow, enough with drama.
My new "egg" idea has nothing to do with all this.
And I don't even know if I will ever release it.
For now (as it happened with ZiPhone) I am using it and testing it. "

Is that means you will not release the ziphone for firmware 2.x ?

Actually I agree with some user written here, if you able to release the 3G crack before the dev team ....and this will definitely erase your bad name and keep the dev team mouth shut. [Or at least post some video at youtube proof you success jailbreak the 3G before the dev team]

Hello Dear Zibri! Thanks for your hard works, i think Apple should hire you for that open position there, and most of us, (us means xx,000,000 digits :) will gladly recommend you, and your works of magic programms dont even need recommendations, all previous works of security by Apple engineers were just a rusted mouse trap in front of it. GO Zibriiiii!!!

I m about to ask dummest question, because i do not check the news on iphone unlocking, Is the 2.0 unlock is done by any one yet?

Go Zibri ! We are waiting for you to release the software ! Greeting from a friend in Chile, South America.

Hi Zibri. How are you sir? You should take a break. Your Elite, i trust you with your work. No PWN here. Ziphone all the way.


I love ziphone. A friend of mine and I started out using it. He ended up being g told by some un named competetor that ziphone was bad for the phone in some way and that he was told not to use it. He started using another way of jailbreaking and ran into problems. Problem after problem later, he just stopped jailbreaking his phone altogether. I have used ziphone exclusively and have used it a number of times now on either mi e or someone else's iPhones or Touches. I have never had a slingle problem. It has been perfect, fast, stable and simple every time. I will not touch anything else. Thank you very much, Zibri, for sharing your great work with the rest of us!

Zibri du bist ein riesen Betrüger! Berlin 1945 ist mit dir! Go go go! :)

Once I pwned my iTouch (firmware 1.1.4)
But then everything freezed, I coulnd't do anything.
I touched the Music.App and "bamm" nothing. Freezed iTouch.
So I wanted to restore but after the restore the iTouch was very slow. I touched an icon and after 5 minutes the application opened.
I had to restore 5 times.
F*** Dev Team f*** the pwnage.
They can't make something like you did Zibri.

I liked your Ziphone app.
So simple to use, and very fast.
I know you can do better then them and you can make a better software then Ziphone.

Zibri sei il migliore. Senza di te tutto questo Underground del Hack del iPhone non vale un ca**o.
Vencho dal Lussemburgo e qua non essite il iPhone. Solo tu ce lo puoi fare.

Zibri for Apple CEO

I would like to informer you that zibri means dick in my country and i just wanted you to know that. Every time someone askes me who unlocked my phone I think of you the one and only dick unlocker blogger...fyi most of these people suck your zibir, anyway thanks for the unlock.

As far as the world is concerned Zibri is the absolute real deal with originality and his solutions, the rest need to follow and he is 100% right by saying no one crediting him.. well ask anyone out there and 9 out of 10 people will tell you Ziphone has been the very best. Go Zibri..
cant wait for the new 3g ziphone.

Yo Zibri, your the king man. Keep it sweet!
Im quite happy holding onto the 1.1.4 firmware, until you decide that the time is right to drop another bombshell.
Does the 2.0 firmware still have major bugs (ref. to one of your earlier posts about wireless hanging the iPhone)?

Anyway cheers from India. MiPhone says hello.

Peace and Shanti.

I can't believe some of you losers asking Zibri to "prove himself" He did that with the last release as any of the thousands of ZIPHONE users can attest to. It seems like your trying to goat him into releasing it just to be first! Hasn't history showed us that it isn't the fastest but THE BEST who will prevail, Let him get it right first then we will all have a stable release like ziphone for the 3G ...Stop acting like a bunch of kids(although judging from some of the posts is most likely exactly what you are) Zibri, if theres anything we can do to help just post it....


make sure it supports third party accessories.

the new firmware stops third party rca cables working. worked on 1.14 but not on 2.0x

@ jenny:

have you not noticed that this website hosting is FREE? Its a blogger page... go sign up for one, for FREE.

@ Zibri "I am glad dev team abandoned their pwn to switch to a ZiPhone like program.
Now who is the idea stealer here ?"

In my opinion, Dev team hasnt abandoned PWNage. QuickPWN is the same thing, just relatively faster.

I have donated for 1.1.4 and now patiently waiting foe newer version 3G.

Vamos Zibri confiamos en que lo puedas lograr, ya estamos esperando ansiosos

It doesnt matter who invents the engine. In the end the user wants the car that drives best..

Show us your new masterpiece Zibri!

some guys told me this ....

no the prolem is is that you updated through itunes to 2.0.2 and in the process you upgraded the baseband

and he said my phone is usles now and it will only works as a ipod touch

hop zipphone will have it unlocked fully cuz right now am only jailedbreak i have no servic my iphone dnt work with normal sim cards

Zi i will donate for sure if you unlock my old iphone first gen

I bought it from a friend who put fw 2.0.1 but now the phone is useless .. so i bought is phone hoping you'll release something

Hi Zibri I would definately pay for your superior tool!! Also I really hope you do NOT give up Independence but do what you do so much better than the rest:-)

yes! he is making a new Ziphone!!! that quickpwn thing doesn't work at ALL

great work zibri
hope this will unlock the 3G iphone
if it does you'll be gettin paid!!!!!!!!

@ Zibri: 2 simple words - Pretty Please

@ jose: I believe what he's saying is that they changed their methodology to one similar to or more similar to that of ziphone. Either way, ziphone was and hopefully will be amazing.

Zibri you rock man!!

Can you please include the IMEI change option in your upcoming release for 2.0 firmware?

can anyone tell me what the current firmware is that Ziphone can unlock/jailbreak? It's never posted anywhere clear.

Zibri ure thebest never a guy like you can do such of things in iphone if Ziphone never been created i think i cant use iphone its the easier thing i never do!! GO ZİBRİ!!!!!!!!!!!

Hola Zibri
Desde Mexico te felicitamos mucho por tu gran trabajo, eres una persona muy querida por todos. Esperamos que pronto puedas desarrollar la nueva version de Ziphone para Firmeware 2.0.2 y donaremos dinero.
I would like to know if i should upgrade to 2.0.2 or this version has bugs as say many people?

Thankyu so much!!!
Muchas Gracias!!! =:-P

@Don Trammell
Are you serious?

You are deminstrating my point to a T, because I was saying that once a person that does something great, Like Zibri did any one else can do once they see how. I was also saying that idiots do not really understand what Zibri was saying with his Egg of Columbus picture. YOu most likely have no F'ing idea what he was saying . You just saw he posted a new page update and got all happy and peed all over yourself in joy. When he didn't say anything, and if you read what he has writen in places you mostlikely don't bother to tread on his own page. He said to go try the new QuickPwn and enjoy. So on his advice I did, and I am. You really need to install Common Sense 2.0.2 the 0.0.0 version is doing you no good at all. Go do some research on whta the Egg of Columbus is about. You will most likely say "No one can make an egg stand on end! Not on one day not on any day of the year, not even in a leap year!" You think I came here to bad mouth him. I was patiently waiting for him to come out with a release so I could jailbreak my 3G, but he hinted in a certain place How the New QuickPwn beta might i add was based on his work, so it could not permanently damage ones iPhone. So I listened since he knows what he is talking about. Man you can't even kiss ass properly! That is sad.

Zibri I am sorry for having to be rude on your page, but Don Trammell is a prime example of the kind of person that is begging and begging and making your life stressful, and dose not A) Truly appreciate what you would be doing for him, and B) Is too stupid to even know he sucks.

Ziphone was a breeze to use. QuickPwn caught me off gaurd in it's use, but it worked. So in ending Thank you Zibri for Ziphone, and thank you for the QuickPwn explination letting me know it could not kill my new 3G. You can be sure I will try your next Ziphone should you ever release it.

Unlike some people I like to get experience before I open my mouth and look like an idiot. You have your head so far up your butt you can not even hear what is being said to you, or what you are being shown. You are too stupid to don't even deserve to be able to own an iPhone.

What do you have to say now? You Troglodyte!

Again Sorry and Thank You Zibri !

@ DAVE01568

Thank you and preach on. I am glad to see someone with Common Sense 2.0.2 installed already!

How much did they pay you to get you out of the game? It looks like we are not getting a new version of your software. By the way, you did a great work on the last version.

good luck with that...

ZAbri BRo i am FRom INDIA ....
we all respect your awesome REl...

U ROck...ziphone's Rock...

best regards...

awesome Work bro.;-)

He who laughs last..laughs best..

dai zibri! io aspetto te per lo sblocco! forza ziphone!!!!!

hi therer wheres ur work?
some1s paying u or what?just tell us if its worth the wait?
best of luck

I love the ziphone app, im not computer literate or savvy, the one click program from Zibri and his team to unlock the iphone was amazing, and purely genius, i was able to unlock my 1st gen iphone but decided to upgrade to version 2.0.2 thinking it would still be unlock unfortunately it's not, so my iphone is now sitting in it's box and im back to my regular blackberry, its not zibri or his team fault we decided to download the 2.0.2 app so be easy on the guys and give them a break. Regardless i don’t care i can't use my iphone ill just like to say much love to zibri and his team. Thanks guy.

hi zibri, I have some doubts it brings over of the new ziphone, to make unlock of the iphone 3g and use with my operator, or only can make jailbreak. is necessary to have activated? Since it changes the software and sim asks to activate.

firstly i have 2.0 (5A345) and the classic matter of yellow screen, and change soft for 2.0 (5A347).

thanks for all.

Hey Zibri,

I know you probably won't be seeing this, but it's really nice of you to be working on such a colossal project for no money, and I truly thank you for that.

It looks like you're definitely closer than you were before. I CAN'T WAIT for 2.0 to be unlocked by your program, I thought about pwnage tool, but I like yours because yours works every time.

Go Zibri! You are the only one that can come up with a true and clean solution. I'll only trust your work.

you are the man!
i am the patient man from Belgium.

hey zib quickpwn sux

you don't need to prove yourself to any1 you are and will be the best.
waiting with glee for the new unlock!
thanks for all you have done.

what is happening to you we need you zibri dont mess this up show hem that you are the real hacker not the fucking dev team

I will admit I am not good at tweaking around with software. I did manage to jailbreak with the program you had before. The program the other guys have out seems to complicated for me. I hope that if you come up with something that you will release it. I want something quick and easy like your last program. Thank you. It was awesome. Keep up the good work. I have a dumb question, if the 2.0 is jailbroken, will i still be able to download apps from the apple store also? Thanks! XOA!

Zibri, I am still on 1.1.4, waiting for your work. You are THE Man!

is there any chance you can post an imei change for the 2.0 software?

hey zibri I miss those days where u were really excited about 2.0 and now I see you don't even think about releasing your beta sofware don't u think u need our help testing the new hack. Don't be afraid ur fame is already upthere and you won't lose it by releasing a beta

in Zibri we trust.

`For iphone , We Trust Zibri :)

Is it GeoHot the Egg of Columbus ?

just in case you didn't know it,
the iPhone 3G that is sold in Greece by Vodafone GR is unlocked. You can use it in any network.

So, if we dump the bootloader + firmware, maybe we can patch another iPhone 3G with the same data, thus unlocking it...

What version do i need to unlock a iphone w\ 1.1.4? and where can i get it

Cheers for you Zibri I'm one of your FAN

Thanks Zibri. Used ZiPhone back in April/May and my phone seemed dead. Somehow iLiberty resurrected the phone. Fast forward to late August and had to restore my 8GB iPhone (1.1.4) and iLiberty+ couldn't resurrect my phone. ZiPhone 3 worked. Grazie grazie, caro. Buon proseguimento. Ti manderò un dono.

Zibri, you're the reason why I have an iPhone. I am running 1.1.4 and waiting for your new release so I can run 2.0.2. I am very glad you created Ziphone and very eager for the new version to come out. I am more than willing to give a very nice donation when the new Ziphone is release as I have used both of your versions. Thanks for releasing and look forward to the new one. rfernandez83@hotmail.com

Oh dear... Zibri...

I respect your work, I couldn't do that myself, but if I could, I wouldn't go on this huge tour of self-indulgence you're on. I don't know if your whining about the dev team ("oh no! they stole my ramdisk idea" or what was it? can't be bothered to check) or people asking for ZiPhone should make me laugh or cry. It's just really immature.

Your latest, pretentious post just proves my point. Why are you trying so hard to create a myth around yourself? That deserves no respect. On the other hand, I respect people who let their work or their deeds speak for themselves.

The Egg of Columbus? Come on... what's next, 42? How about just releasing the new ZiPhone and let people decide what they think of it?

I guess it fits that you use the comparative of 'simple' incorrectly. It's 'simpler'. Unless that was done deliberately, but I highly doubt that.
Note: if you're making ostentatious posts, run the spellchecker first.

C ya
P.S. I wonder if you'll delete my post. Not that I would care.

My country just launched the iphone and apps, had to be able to dwld them to my phone so i made the great mistake of using the pwanage tool and to update and guess what, it just made my phone slow as a turtle.

ZIBRI, give us the newborn zyphone, please, give us a clue of the deadline, my mistake to use pwanage, guess I´ll zy-it again and wait for your masterpiece.

T H A N K S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I am getting so sick of reading some of the comments here about donations! To those of you who write "I will give a nice donation AFTER you release" Thats not a ducking donation!! That's buying his finished unlocking software! Stop being so damn cheap and throw him a few bucks WHILE he works on it , If It was me I would keep the names of the LOSERS who write these words and then block them from ever using it! Have a little class for Gods sake!! I apologize for profanity but you probably won't post this anyway? I hope you will though.

Fed Up

Brasilians tanks you !

Happy to see that testing is underway and that its suprisingly simple... Is there anyway that you can give us a approximate date or how many months it will take to release it. if it is successful .

Hi Zibri. Is it possible to hack the bluetooth sow the iphone can connect to other devices, and not only with headphones? Best regards from Albania.

@ pitbulvig

i won't give money for something that i'm not sure it will ever come out ... right now my phone is dead with the 2.0.1 it would be stupid for me to give money without having any program at all

so stop being a stupid dumbass and get a life. If i want to give a donation when the program will be out only , that's my business ... who are you to call others losers ... i'm sure you won't give a cent at all ...


hey zibri congrats on finding a better way to jailbreak the iphone!!!
you are awsome dude...

hey i wanted to ask if you are able to to unlock the iphone 3g do you still have to get like a 3g plan for the iphone or will it work with any regular sim on any regular plan??? becouse im from ecuador and the cheapest plan for the iphone is 80$...
hope you can answer my question. best regards from ecuador. you are like a god hear

Zibri, since I can't comment on your latest "status" post, I will do it here. I am no iphone dev or quickpwn or whatever fan (actually I haven't even downloaded it, just looked the instructions and said NO THANKS). However your latest post makes a somewhat immature point, which is that the dev team is saying they wrote those two binary files you gave as examples. I think it's obvious that they didn't write the OS X subsystem that lies on the iphone or the drivers that make it run, but if they said they wrote 100% of their "hack", without borrowing from you or others, than I would assume this means JUST the hack software, and not necessarily underlying system files. Just saying, this is kind of a moot argument, and it makes your back and forth with them seem like just that, and with no substance.

Looking forward to ziphone, sitting pretty, and stable with 1.1.4 still, but would love to upgrade ASAP.

Thanks for all your work, genius!


I wasn't talking about the subsystem.

Their "hack" is an unlock + jailbreak, right ?

What I am telling you is that the UNLOCK relies on apple code.

I am not blaming them.
I am just pointing out the fact that no unlock nor jailbreak has 100% original code.

Well.. that's not correct 100% anyhow.
Gehot unlock and anysim unlock use 99% original code..
They dump the firmware patch it and reupload it.
The 1% is the secpack needed to do the "magic". and Secpack is an integral part of the baseband firmware update.

Hi zibri ...
we are waiting ... thanks for hard word

I hope the new ZiPhone will let MobileMe "Push" work. I'm having huge problems with my Push using QuickPwn or Pwnage Tool, but people with "offical unlocked" iPhone dont, so I blame Pwnage for last of "push".
Looking forward to ZiPhone! I hope its soon! I will donate before I download

Thank You very much for proving my point, Oh and BTW, I like the way you so. Truthfully add your correct signature to the bottom of your last post. "Dumbass" it's catchy and describes you to a T, Just for the record I have already donated .
Zibri, Thank You again for all your hard work bro, it is much appreciated and as Im sure you can see you have many users waiting patiantly for your next release.

zibri is a genius and no doubt about that. I think it is more than the 3G in his new Ziphone release. Can hardly wait.. Well done.

hi,i had upgraded to 2.0 and downgraded with difficulty to 1.14.i unlocked with iliberty and had this unique problem.the call log disappears.only yesterdays log is there.then i unlocked with ziphone and its working like a doll.thankz man.waiting for ur new gift.do it ASAP.

Uhhh... your latest post about the Dev Teams Bootneuter app using the copyrighted BL3.9 and 4.6.bin's, fair do's you've got a good point there and without them there wouldnt be an unlock using Bootneuter which would make the app pretty pointless...

But... Doesnt ZiPhone ALSO use the BL3.9.bin or some form of that to downgrade the bootloader from 4.6 to 3.9 to give users a "True Unlock" on the 1.1.3+ Firmwares?
Wouldnt that make your post a little contradictory? Also wouldnt that mean that without BL3.9, which is copyright of Apple, ZiPhone wouldnt have been able to "fully unlock" 1.1.3??


that's correct!
I never said Ziphone was 100% uncopyrighted code.
I just pointed out that quickpwn or any other pwn thing does just the same.
There is no 100% original code anywhere.

And it doesn't matter how "tiny" is the original code.
When talking about copyrights, it doesn't matter if it's a kilobyte or a megabyte.

Zibri wrote:
that's correct!
I never said Ziphone was 100% uncopyrighted code.
I just pointed out that quickpwn or any other pwn thing does just the same.
There is no 100% original code anywhere.

The Linux kernel is 100% original code. If it were not, there would be legal issues because of its licensing.

If your definition of "original" includes "unique," however, then it's true that no code under the sun really falls into this category, because by the very nature of the machines running the code, you are going to need to "repeat" code that's already been written. However, this is also not the definition of "original code" that's generally accepted. The generally accepted definition is code that's written without taking code from third parties.

Linking (dynamically or not) does not change the originality of the code, because while you are using a third party's library and binary code, your program is still, in theory, original code, unless you've ganked source code from other places -- which is perfectly okay if the other place allows you to do so, i.e. with any open source license (GPL, BSD).

Zibri further wrote:

And it doesn't matter how "tiny" is the original code.
When talking about copyrights, it doesn't matter if it's a kilobyte or a megabyte.

While the .bin files do happen to contain ARM assembly code written by a non-Dev-Team source (Apple), they do not constitute a part of QuickPwn's or Pwnage's code any more than /etc/apache2/apache2.conf constitutes a part of Apache's, or /lib/firmware/b43/pcm5.fw constitutes a part of the b43 project's driver code itself. They are data files, read and used by the program, necessary for its proper operation but otherwise separate. You wouldn't consider a texture in the PNG graphics format a part of the code for Unreal Tournament, would you?

This "original code" argument has been debated for years by programmers, hackers, lawyers, commentators, and tens (if not hundreds or thousands) of people who are -- with all due respect -- smarter than you. Please quit trying to smear the claims of others with your misunderstandings of the way originality in code and copyright works.

Thanks in advance.

Zibri you've done it man? But is only for 2g iphone, or include the 3g iphone too?Best regards from Albania.

i just want to say " thanks to zibri"... pwnage tool has just rfuckin' bugged my iPhone, aftet the (complicated) restore of the 1.1.4 apple firmware and à 5 minutes ziphone job'... my iphone is already perfect! any question dev team? Custom firmware taste like s...

by the way i'm very exited! i dream about the new ziphone... simple, smart and just workin'


That's TOTALLY wrong.

dev team called them ".bin".
Those two file contains indeed EXECUTABLE code written by INFINEON for APPLE.
And copyrighted.


hi zibri,

thanks for keeping working for all us users! we trust your work is the one!

go on dude!

Hi again Zibri,
I think I'll agree with you...THE man who can!
Can't wait to get this ziphone COPY off my iphone and the "REAL DEAL" back on....
Thanks again

I think that we are going way off topic, i believe that it doesn't matter whether these files have copyrighted executables or not (which indeed they have code that ARE copyrighted), brilliance isn't measured by kb's nor mb's, but how you orchestrate it to make a masterpiece.

I just want to make my first post here saying something to Zib: Thank you, i'll be patiently waiting for ZiPhone.

Z, you wanna shut the dev team up? Start by shutting yourself up. You keep trying to defend yourself, when in reality, you won't convince everyone. Face it. The dev team has their fans and you have yours. Focus on making the people who support you happy.

Actions speak louder than words. So stop blogging about being so close and saying this and that about the dev team. The fact is they've unlocked the 2.0 2G firmware...you haven't. The majority of people don't care how it's done. Just the fact that it is. The more and more you try and attack them, the more you lose credibility and you end up looking guilty and coming across like you don't know what you're talking about.

Shut them up by putting something out there for your fans and not saying anything. In fact, lose the fakesteve speak. He's funny when he does it. Not you. If the dev team says you "stole" code, it only make you look more guilty by "stealing" fakesteve's mannerisms.

I'm telling you how it is as someone who is a fan of the "iPhone unlocking community" and am impartial to whoever creates it. Please don't delete this. Use this message as motivation. Stop trying to please everyone.

Looking forward to your 2.0 Version!

The Nazdaq quotes gadgets that you have on the Ziphone Updates pages give trojans, according to my Avast! antivirus software. Just thought I would let you know Zibri. Oh, and thanks for Ziphone. I'm waiting for the next one. Hope it unlocks the 3G.

Man, what can I say? I´m you fan , one day I hope to know stuff like you do.

You are the best!!!

About tojan in javascript:

that is a known false positive.
there is no trojan on those scripts.

Buon compleanno Zì!


Hi Zibri, heres wishing you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY :-)


-zini & crazy for jane

it's your birthday??
i hope you have a nice day

Happy Birthday Z...
All the best man !

...happy bday Zibri


gotodr3w,macintoad,luis,zini,lancealot, zizzi:

Thanks !!!

happy birthday... THE ONE THE ONLY ZIRBI

hey zibri i dont really write comments a lot but seein that it is your birthday might as well ...so happy birthday zibri take some time off ur work we have been waiting a while for ziphone so i guess if u relax now and then there will be no worries

peace out man hhave a great day

Kinda late, but Happy Birthday Zibri!!

I write because I'm tired of surf on iPhone news and only see insults to Zibri:

In essence the iPhone does the same things than any other average phone: calls, sms, camera, music and videos... ok the iPhone also has Safari, touch-screen, accelerometer, 3G broadband (great stuff?? in Japan they have 5G!!!)... but although it's great it's nothing you can't live without... so, in my oppinion, the iPhone is just a luxurious phone.. and that's all!!

In order to use it correctly and enjoy the 3G stuff you have to sign a contract with your local cellphone company (in my case, I live in Mexico, so when I bought my iPhone I had to sign contract with America Movil -Telcel-), and the coolest apps aren't for free, you have to buy them... that's why I say an iPhone is an expensive luxury: if you wish to have one you should work hard, so you can afford the costs of the phone, the contract and the app's prices... only in that way you can enjoy a phone with apps which always works well and with its normal warranty, and those who wish all that, should work harder, or at least stop begging and crying because Zibri has a life and he has no rush to launch a new ZiPhone's version (if you're too anxious use the SHTpwn so you can use your illegal SIM and be out of phone credit because of the 3G connection costs, without mention you can't use the VoiceMail as it was designed to, or Cydia and Installer -which are just a bunch of shit that only install apps which make your iPhone slower... if you can install them on 2.0.2- and other crap)...

after all this: does the iPhone unlock is worth enought?? I guess it's not... nor even for a hacker who has only been spitten in his face all the time... it's just my oppinon anyway, all of u have the last word, and Zibri has the last word if he thinks it's worth enought to keep on working on his new ZiPhone, after so many insults from jealous people like the Shit Team and George Fucks...

Saludos desde Mexico Zibri y Feliz Cumple!!

Hi Zi,
u dont know me but i m 1 of the millions using yr ziphone. Hope u hv a wonderful time on yr 'bird' day ;-)


happy birthday z sorry to post a negative comment .today is also my birthday nice to know your a Virgo . This means you have an attention to detail :)thank you

|....... |______|

Happy Birthday to youuuu,
Happy Birthday to youuuu,
Happy Birthday dear Zibri,
Happy Birthday to youuuu.....:D
Buon compleanno!!!(siamo coetanei..)

wassup zi!! happy birthday n wish u all best..!

thousand regardz from my country Oman...
u r the best.!!

I was wondering what I have to do to put my 1st gen iphone back to factory settings so I send it in to apple? I thank everybody for their help up front.

happy birthday my hero!!!!

you can use the function refurbish, but if you don't have activate the iPhone, there is no warranty...!

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