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3G Evidence !

4/08/2008 08:57:00 PM - 52 comments

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Well this was found inside the latest beta.
If that's not enough for you to understand,
I'll clarify it:
There is a new iPhone coming *very soon*.
The new iPhone will have Infineon's SGOLD3 (PMB8878 or PMB8877)
chip in it's baseband.
Google can maybe help you to get more details.
Stay tuned :)

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Is there a list of must have software for you iphone avaiable anywhere? Do we have a Zibri recommendations?

That. Is. So. Awesome. :) I cant wait to get one (especially since my iPhone died a whiiile back). 1337.

yep... this chip is quad-band GSM capable, and supports HSDPA cat. 8 (7.2Mbps). This should be up by the end of june, according to many sources.

Walt Mossberg was right...
It's so close I can almost touch it!!! :-)

COOl ZIBRI, keep us updated dude :)

Not quite correct

SGOLD3 as stated in the screenshot is the small brother of the SGOLD3H and needs a coprocessor for UMTS.

Infineon pdf for SGOLD3

Infineon pdf for SGOLD3H

Nevertheless an impressive list of features !!

Hi Zibri.
Thank you for your discovery!

Nice job, guy! :)
You are the Man, hope you'll find the "zi" way to free 2.0 ootb as well!

Bye bye

This is great zibri. Thanks for the info.


Sorry for my ignorance, but... what does Namaste means?


For those that already have an iphone do you think that apple will be able to give us flash and 3G in an update of some kind. I just got mine and I would hate to find out Im stuck without flash or 3G

@ ra

Hi ! 'Namaste' is a Hindi(ofiicial language of India) word...
Here we greet elders by folding hands together and saying 'Namaste' when we meet them... google it and take a look at d pic... it shows respect towards the person you say 'Namaste' to...

you cant flash the device and have 3G, requires a different chip for it to work

you gona have to buy the iPhone-gen2 for 3G

Namaste = regards or something very similar

dude sebastion apple can't include 3G by a software update they need new baseband the new S-Goldh which has 3.5G

Nice find...

BTW: Is there any way to cancel the volume level reduction on European iPod Touch`s?
Should be done during jailbreaking?

Thank you very Much sirjee. I used my iPhone in India. Everyone got excited by its features. I used Vadaphone & Airtel sim there.... Great work .... Keep it up.

A little FUD to think about. A feature on the 3(H) not present on the 2: "crypto box." Me thinks this means unlocking the 3(H) will be harder as the crypto checks will be done in hardware.
From the DS:
■ Hardware Crypto box - DRM 2.0, SIM Lock, IMAI protection
■ Hardware security - E-fuse, Boot Code Protection, Secure Mode equalizer
Might hold on to your old iPhone. /├╝berO

Hi everyone. I have an Ipod touch and jailbroke it with ziphone. Everything it great but now i want to install apps but I cant, it says Error Package download failed...
Can someone help me by emailing me at gab_beaudoin@hotmail.com
thanks a lot

I already used ziphone succesfully with 1.1.3. Now, I'd like to upgrade to 1.1.4. What is the procedure? restore, upgrade, and then ziphone?
Also how do I run ziphone -d? Can't find it on the software.
Ciao e grazie a Zibri e ai suoi amici

when i was downloading something from installer, the screen frose so i turned off my iPod and when i turn it back on it shows the Apple logo and a loading throbber then it turns off and trys again but it wont turn on completely. What do i do???

Tyler, get your phone to turn off (hold sleep/wake and "home" keys till off). Then while phone is off hold down the "home" button and plug it into itunes, when you plug it in the apple logo should appear, keep holding the home button till you see the "restore" screen. Once you get there try doing "restore", or shift+restore method.

Might not fix it, phone could be bricked, but worth a try. Alternatively you can try gettin it into restore mode then using ZiPhone to boot into Normal Mode, see what happens.

Will this unlock the iPhone so it will be fully functional on VERIZON?

I ran Ziphone 2.6b a few weeks ago. It revolutionized my Iphone. There are constantly new apps than can be used. I will donate shortly. Thanks very much for your work!!!

Is there any should I run the Ziphone 3.0 download?

Dear Zibri,

Congratulations!!! Used your software and everything worked great and very smooth. All the apps and plugins are there and it really is the best thing to use if you get an iPhone.

The only thing that makes me very sad now is that my iPhone is full of pixel faults, what of course is NOT your fault. I have been looking on the net for it and lots of people complain about dead/stuck pixels. It is a pitty really. You get a new phone, pay lots of money for it and then after only 3 days of use the screen is filled with colored dots. Thank you Apple.

Nevertheless I can only congratulate you and thank you for making the iPhone available for so many people.

very best regards from both of us,
Miss & Mister

Great Achieve, Zubri, you are the one.

It's sound great to hear about 3G with iPhone,
Im waiting to use it in next coming soon.

Hello iPhone unlockers,

Was curious how you felt about the sound quality of the iPhone in your country in comparison to the phones you use. Reading reviews online some are saying that At and t sucks. But what about your experience, is it really At and t or does the Phone part of the iPhone suck?

Hi, I currently have a jailborke 1.1.3 iphone, and I would like to upgrade it to 1.1.4. I have downloaded ziphone, but I am unsure what to do, I'm afraid to mess it all up, how is it done?

I dont think we should be too excited yet. It also has a reference to "SGOLD1" which the iphone doesnt even use, SGOLD3 could just act as a placeholder or it could just be referring to the far, far future, not nessaceraly the G3 release

hi zibri,

i have installed ziphone 3.0 and installed in iphone. but i have a problem, i n connect to wifi but it gives me on safari 'cant find edge'. i have reset all network, reinstalled, and restore on itunes. still nothing.
thx for ur help

my wifi work intermitent, this mac is clone in all phone. I am put mi iphone in freezer 5min to work wifi

my wifi work intermitent, this mac is clone in all phone. I am put mi iphone in freezer 5min to work wifi

I want to say the IPhone is the best Phone Ive ever owned, especially after unlocking it with ziphone software.

ATT would not be my first choice, but they are ok. I have better coverage than Sprint or Nextel. Unless you have headphones on, the volume is not loud enough if there is much noise in the area, like driving with the windows down.

Also Ive had my phone prox 6mo, and the battery does not hold enough charge to last the whole day, unless all I do is talk.

Thank you for your software!!!! I have already donated to you.

i really need your help
I am new Ipod Touch owner and in need of help

i have decided to take the leap into jailbreaking my ipod
It has the newest firmware (1.1.4)
But I have a few questions, Since this is my first time Jailbreaking do i have to wipe my ipod clean?
Also when ever i click to download Ziphone on the homepage all it does is refresh the page. is there something that i am doing wrong?
I really need help and would apericate it please, thank you

Hi Zibri

Thank you very much for creating the programme.
I was trying to upload it last night, but during the upload process nothing happened to my iphone so I stopped the process and re-started my iphone. When I re-started the phone it keeps coming up with the message 'BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0'. I cant use the phone at the moment, because everytime I reset the phone this page comes up. Does it matter if I'm using Window Vista? Could you possbily help to me find a solution for my phone?
Thank you very much in advance!!

After numerous attempts I am unable to download this powerful tool. Everytime i click on the link, I am back at the same point I was in before. I dont think there are any blocks installed. I am a newbie to this stuff. Please help!!!

Dear Zibri

I've got my iphone sorted now! Please ignore my previous message. Thank you very much for the software, it's so cool!! I don't need to use the x-sim for the sim card anymore!!!

Thanks and best regards!

hi this ziphone is great thank you...i just have one problem which im sure is easy to solve im just dumb...when i click on installer and i choose anything to install and error message comes up and reads

1.1.3 has its own T-Zones patch. Look for that instead.

what do i do to make this work???

hi, so let me get this straight, if i get a new ipod touch can i just plug it into my computer and launch ziphone without downgrading it to 1.1.1? im doing this on a mac.

Hi i have iphone and unlocked using ziphone .. the phone is not picking my network ... it says service unavailable ...sometimes recieves signals ... so how do i set up this problem...

hey guys i need a big help if you can, i wanted to jail break my ipod touch but i clicked on iphone's jail break.. what can i do now? my ipod touch is blocked.. what the hell...

hey guys i need a big help if you can, i wanted to jail break my ipod touch but i clicked on iphone's jail break.. what can i do now? my ipod touch is blocked.. what the hell...

hi...i wanted to know if the new iphone would be able to be unlocked...i just fryed my iphone and i wanted to get another one..so should i just buy the current version or wait till the new one comes out

hi... i need big help, i just unlocked my iphone using ziphone, all the applications were able to use, however, in the last few days the phone blocked again, only the phone service is the one i can't use, it says i need a password to unlock again, what can i do, is there a number i can use?? or should i unlock it using z.. again thks a lot.

hey can u unlock the new iPhone 3G using ziphone??

Is there anyway of jailbreaking the iphone 3g

if you unlock your iphone do you still pay for internet and text


Ive been tryin to run Ziphone for my iphone 3g but it just keeps running forever it never stops.

What going wrong?

Hi Zibri,

Thanks a zillion for ZiPhone.iPhone is one kinda revolution & I must say ZiPhone is another.You made unlocking the iPhone,a child's play.I unlocked mine umpteenth itmes-just for the fun of it =)

iPhone owners, Hail Zibri!!!!

hieee zibri............
uuuuuuuuuu rock baby........!!!

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