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ZiPhone 2.6b RELEASED ! (ipod fix!)

3/14/2008 07:40:00 PM - 232 comments

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Ok then.. running previous versions

of ZiPhone on an iPod, somebody messed up

the NVRAM... Not a problem really! :)

Get the new version and click on CLEAR/FIX NVRAM.

Then after reboot click on the IPOD jailbreak.

Enjoy !

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I have been trying to jailbreak my iPod touch 16 gb ever since i updated the darn thing to 1.1.4.
After your NVRAM fix, it works great!

Thank you, keep up the good work.

I have been trying to jailbreak my iPod touch 16 gb ever since i updated the darn thing to 1.1.4.
After your NVRAM fix, it works great!

Thank you, keep up the good work.

Zibri, you are a hero. And I have the NVRAM problem, I was so happy about the fact that ou are fixing this and now it is fixed. The only problem remaining seems to be that the Zip-file for Mac does contain the windows stuff.

Thank you again!

Ok guys I'm running it now will post back with feedback, I'm using the latest versions of the listed items below:

Leopard OSX
ipod touch 1.1.4

Perfect!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done Zibri!

im downloading it now! i hope it works =)

you are the best!!!!!
Congratulations and thank´s from Brasil!!!

Hi, I just downloaded ziphone because I wanted to crack my phone. I have paid o2 (UK) for an eighteen month contract but I just want to use my t mobile sim. Can you tell me how to do this? Rashid

Nvram fixed. It worked well! Thank you Zibri! Unbelievably. Thank you very much!

Nvram fixed. It worked well! Thank you Zibri! Unbelievably. Thank you very much!

Wow, mine is working!! Thanks alot!

I have been anxiously awaiting this moment since I purchased my 32 GB iPod. I will let you know how awsome you are when the jailbreak finishes. Thanks so much Zibri!

It worked! Thank you! Now I can watch rented movies on my iTouch.

Zibri, this update works! Thanks a lot, I thought my ipod-touch 8gb which was never jailbreaked is already dead :)

As usual. The Man delivers. I think I will stick with a winner rather than join the hype crowd. Thanks bello for taking the time to do things the right way, and the safe way.

You have my respect and previous donation. :)

It works fine.
I succeeded jailbreak using CLEAR/FIX NVRAM.
My iPod touch is 16GB.

Please redownload the mac version...

For 15 minutes there was a wrong file..

Just redownload it.
Now it's the correct one.

On MAC version the CLEAR NVRAM is in the menu bar (so I am told) :)

hello , i have the first ipod on mexico y buy is boston http://www.flickr.com/photos/x3mdesign/sets/72157600562247919/

my iphone visit mexico. lima , cusco machupichu , ecuador... and back to boston ... i never hacke but tomorrow i will free my second iphone and i will use your software... im happy for fine your web page and i download your software , im from mexico !! and i nervous to try !! thks for your work , i will take a pics and video

gracias por ser libre !!! y liberar a los demas

For this I´ve waiting so long^^


Works perfect!

this fix cured the Spamming AT, waiting for response error

thank you zibri

you are the best

I repeat it:

3.9BL can be upgraded by Apple in any moment!

3.9FB can be even deleted by ANYONE.

I won't use a fakeblank in ziphone EVER if not really needed for some future reason.

About shitplus... that's a ziphone BOOTLEG.
Same thing. No safety.

This world is free.
Choose your poison :)


Does it only work on 1.1.4?

Ok Zibri, you are the HERO, absolutely... even though i havent been able to make it work, not even with the 2.6b........heeeeeeeelp

Thank you sooo much! it works now very fine!

I remind everyone that this version will work only after a restore or update to 1.1.4 !

Thanks a lot Zibri, great work! It´s down!

I did an upgrade to 1.1.4. Must I do the restore to 1.1.4 ? Sorry my bad English


1. Clear NVRAM

Thank you so much, I am definitely donating asap!

When I downloaded the updated Version(mac) I opened it but never saw the option or checkbox to fix
NVRAM, I checked the menu bar, am I missing something??

Thanks Zibri Donation Forthcoming!

where is the NVRAM fix on the mac version of the ziphone? Am I missing something, awesome work though Zibri :)--Eric

I was wondering.. I bought the software upgrades - if i jailbreak now will i still have those 5 apps? Will jailbreaking have any effect oth the upgrades? Thanks :)

that's the ticket! Thanks!!!

WELL DONE!! ahora ya esta funcionando zibri!! buen trabajo, congratis ,, te mando muchos saludos desde mexico,, pero no creas que no estoy haciendo mi donacion,, ahora mismo la hago es un programa EXCELENTE, GRACIAS!!

Thanks Zibri it worked on my 16gb Touch but now the keyboard freezes when I try to type anything. Has anyone else had this problem?

If it helps:
16gb Touch
iTunes 7.6
Windows XP

I've tryed re-jailbreaking it about 5 times but i keep getting this problem

I wonder why people never read..
I get many comments about installer not working.

1) I am not installer author.

2) Even if I am not, I repeated many times now that you have to install BSD SUBSYSTEM as the first thing.

Is that clear?

ok, sorry for spamming, but all i had to do was refresh the sources. That worked and now i can download it... but ill be honest i dont know how to get the applications to the main screen

Ok after some figuring out i got it, again sorry for the spamming

haven't had time to update to 1.1.4 before this new update, will it still work on an iphone with a ziphoned 1.1.3, do I just leave the NVRAM part UNCHECKED??? I hope you reply to this because I'm planning on updating this weekend. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!

THANK YOU Zibri!!!
2.6b worked on my 16gb itouch but...
the 1st thing i installed was BSD subsystem then i updated the installer and finally installed comunity sources...
finally, when i try to add a source my ipod freezes... what happened?... am i doing wrong??


Thanks much, Zibri.

(Though I had to fix it in Windows running in Parallels.)

This is Javier again...

it worked perfectly for me. Good Job Z !!!

Thanks ever so much! My Itouch is finally free. Anyway- I also have the keyboard causing the ipod to freeze issue

Mac - OS Tiger

WOW now works great. Thanks.

on iTouch 16 Gb 1.1.4 works perfectly
I read that I must install BSD Subsystem for the first thing ( is it the same for iTouch?).
Anyway, I try (the one under system apps) but at 75 % circa I got package download failed.

Anyone could give a hand?

Thanks in advance and thanks to zibri for the gr8 work.


Works like a charm!!


Tested on my 16 gig iPod Touch :)

hi Zibri, many thanks for the excellent release. I have a question on the 5 add-on apps (Weather, Mail, Stock, etc.):

when I ssh to my Ziphone'd 1.1.416GB iPod Touch, I can see that these apps have been installed into the /Applications directory by your jailbreak method. They do not, however, appear on the Springboard. What is the solution to get these apps appearing on the Springboard?

I started Weather via the command prompt and confirmed that it is working but would like to be able to access these apps from the Springboard.

Many thanks,

Hi Zibri. Just need to say that a ZIPHONE even works for IPHONES on a Luxemburgish network. So thanx again. Hal Lucinant from Eschington/DC Luxembourg

Thanks Zibir!!!

Now I have Installer in iPod touch!!!

But I have a problem. When I try to install BSD Subsystem, I get an error message when the download is about 75%.

What can I do? ReJailbreak?

And after BSD Subsystem is installed, can I install any package or do I have to install something more?


Hello Zibri,
all problems are resolved! It works perfectly! Its a pleasure for me to make a donation for you (for sure after tomorow). It doesn't make sense to invest one more cent to Apple. Mac OS X + Ipod 8GB!
Thank you!

If you need a dowload mirror, I can provide you one in Switzerland.

Please e-mail me if you're interested in.

Zibri, do you want to visit Russia? We are going to meet each other in Moscow next week? It`ll be iPhone fans party. =)

Thanks to you and all the people who helped finding the jailbreak
No problem at all (just refreshed the sources because they were still showing BSD Subsystem 2.0 so I could'nt install it - wrong size - it now works perfectly)

@ aleix

(and all the people getting the same kind of error)


The sources are old and Installer is waiting for a file of about 6 MB whereas the new one is about 5MB. That is why you get stuck around 75 %

It's the easiest way to jailroke the itouch!! :)

But, what is the root password???
I can't use terminal because the default password "alpine" is incorrect :S

Zibre help custimize icon not working with 1.1.4 !! Not just the icon, doesent even download?! waaaaaaa !! sorry to sound like baby, you the man Z.

thanks zibri!!!
you rock!



Now working great!!!

Thanks to Zibir too!

After installing ZIPhone I lost all UI and now i just get script

It says I need to enter settings but i can't connect to my computer or do anything manually to my ipod because there's only black and white script.

Please help

NOTE: Make sure to install apps and themes one at a time; otherwise they won't work. That's how things went for me.

Working great still on a 16GB 1.1.4 Firmware iPod touch on Mac OS 10.5.2 Leopard. :) Fix NVRAM under "File" menu, then jailbreak. Install BSD subsystem through installer first, then everything else works fine! For the record, the Customize app does not work yet for 1.1.4.

Thanks again, Zibri! Donated today, and damn does it feel good! ^_^

It`s ok now ziphone can unlock and jailbrak averythis. Why dont you now add more functions to ziphone like ading ringtones adding aplications or smth like that to tune iphone/ipdo not only jailbreak

With 16gb touch, 1.1.4 firmware and the freezing problem, I tried it on 1.1.3. firmware and it`s perfect.

@ abraham

there is a hack for Term-vt 100 and 1.1.3 firmware (probably also 1.1.4)
@ http://jmoz.co.uk/blog/iphone-113-term-vt100-password-not-working


You are reading my mind :)

I just found out about ziphone from a friend who has an iPhone and I've tried to download it but I get the message "safari can't open the page because it is too large"

Any ideas what I need to do to download? I have a 16G and still have 11G of space.

Thanks in advance for the help.

so do you know if this will affect the january software upgrade?

i have an ipod touch 8GB, and I had restored it to 1.1.4 and ziphoned it with your crack and everythings work fine with me.
but there is a little problem with freezing of the application when i try to exit from it and i should restart the ipod again.
can u please help me in solving this problem.
Thank u for your best software ever and the new user-freindly interface and easy-to-use GUI

my god
thursday and friday..:i Restore my iPod to 1.1.1, jailbroke it, synced music.. upgraded to 1.1.2.. took 4hours to do that..
friday at school, 4th thru 6th:downloaded the 1.1.3 jailbreak.. took 4 hours, then i had to resync all of my songs videos.. about 7 hours
the next day i check your blog for an update..positive
i downloaded it.. restored my ipod to 1.1.4.. run your program jailboke it.. total time: less then 5 minutes.. syncing songs now usually takes 30minutes


My messed up touch works with NVRAM fixing! Thanks for the grate work!

Abraham ... I was having the same porblem but solved it restoring the ipod..... try that

Simply VERY THANKS, after sad day for my iPod, finally Zibri you´re THE GOD OF IPOD. I´m tested version 2.6 y Tocuhdown. Sorry Steve Job, March 13, Ipod Independence Day. Regards-

i need help i now have installer on my iphone 1.1.4 firmware. and when i install an app it doesnt post on my home screen am i doing something wrong????

First: Thanks! great your work... but its imposible download "unlock (1.1.4)" the page gives error.

I got a problem..
I use Ipod touch..
but I clicked 'Do it all!'....
and my touch is not working...
just It shows..
"BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0" on black dos...
what suld i do??

I have the 16GB iPod Touch and it reboots itself when I plug it into iTunes now

where do I leave this message? I have paid for your free software tonight. The site makes it seems as if you are getting iphonesimfree but once paid gives you the free software from your site. I would not have a problem donating to the great software you have but I have paid for it already what should I do?

Hi Zibri, upgraded my 8gb 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 using ziphone 2.5c, worked for about 1 week. Then I cannot get any reception "NO SERVICE" is it a SW or HW problem. Most sites i visited says its HW comms board faulty and I shud get replaced. Un fortunately I live in S'pore and we dun have such service centers. Is there anyway around this that you know of. Thanks Eric M

Could some one please verify this for me. I have a 16GB Iphone with 1.1.4 already installed on it, i am going to be using AT&T as my provider, this is why i want to jailbreak only.
If i chose jailbreak, then under advanced options, just put a check in jailbreak.
Does this downgrade your bootloader, or does it just install the installer app?
Then after i jailbreak my iphone i go to itunes and activate the phone, correct?

Thank you,

Will donating rite after this works, Thanks for all your hard work, and beautiful GUI, Top Notch~!

you people need to read, Fix NVRAM, Restore to 1.1.4 then hit jailbreak Ipod, It will work regardless of how you treated the ipod before. It's not Rocket Surgery.

Thanks Zibri for the software, keep up the good work and next time im in Italy ill drop by for some Coffee :P

Well, Installer works great but...

I have a problem. I installed a package which changes the homescreen dock. It didn't work, so I unistalled it and then, the dock changed into black. Now, I want to get the default dock but I don't know how to.

Anydoby can help me?

If I restore to 1.1.4 with iTunes, will I lose all my apps?


nice nice works like a charm on my ipod touch 32gb 1.1.4!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Hi, i know it's stupid but i was jailbreaking a ipod touch then i pressed unlock a iphone.... DOh how stupid can i be? but now it's keeping trying to unlock it -_-'

hello ericm just reboot your iphone me to have the same problem i
am staying in singapore same same like you

this post is about Iphone 1.1.4
After use Ziphone Iphone works as a Ferrari... But, some programs don't work. Most of U know that ApolloIM can't conect to hotmail acounts, even if U use the 1.1.3 fix and changing the host file... My ApolloIM can't "authentificate".
At the same time, customize is not working too.
I use Apollo a lot so I decide to downgrade to 1.1.3 and wait to the deverlopers till they fix Apollo... But, when I try to downgrade Itunes shows me an error and the Iphone stay with 1.1.4 I try with the option of Ziphone to make the iphone back to fabric default but I still having the same error. If somebody know what Im doing wrong please mail me to marcoslabraga@gmail.com
Same if somebody knows how to make Apollo and customize works with 1.1.4
About Ziphone: Ur program RLZ!!

for some reason im getting cannot install ziphone.exe
i went to microsofts website to make sure i have the .net framework 2.0 and it says that i do.
what goes on here?

i have a 16GB ipod touch with the new apps i was able to jailbreak my ipod with the ziphone 2.5 but when i downloaded themes they never show or if i download ebooks they dont show up either if i rehack the ipod with ziphone 2.6 will this fix my problem? thanks

This just doesn´t work (for me!). My 16GB iPod Touch. Wiped and reinstalled 1.1.4 from iTunes, ran Clear/Fix NVRAM, ran Jailbreak. Eternal loop. Did this procedure 4 times. Ends always in eternal loops like when I tried ZiPhone 2.4. What am I doing wrong? Help please!

so i get my 16gb touch jailbroken but whenever i touch a single key on the keyboard, whole touch freezes up!!! is there any fix for this??


First, thanks for letting me use my iPhone more fully by giving me a way to quickly and easily j/a/u. No problems at present to report.

Thanks for the clarification and affirmation that apple can patch/update the 3.9 BL at any time. And as another has pointed out, if apple thought it was needed, they would software the bootloader to 4.6 if it was essential as they have done in the past.

I now realize that whether you were originally on 3.9 BL or downgraded using ZiPHone, you're stuck to a hardware upgrade (if that's even possible).

Others seem to implicate that you change the 3.9 BL from the original 3.9 BL when downgrading from 4.6:
1) is that true? or could you state what pertinent changes are made to BL, BB or FW?
2) if so, would those mods prevent apple from upgrading the bl?

Many thanks for the clarification.


I forgot one other thing, since I was on 1.1.2 OTB, I originally came with 4.6 BL. If I need to get repairs from apple, I'm in trouble because they'll recognize that the IMEI doesn't match the shipped BL. Is there anyway you can upgrade to 4.6 BL in case I need repairs? I like you're refurbish button, but that takes me to 3.9 BL, so for me its not refurbished to its original state.

Thanks for any help you can give.

hey Zibri, check out http://www.nforcemac.info <--- Need some questions answered.



on nforcemac.info I answered the following:

Your ignorance is unbelievable.
3.9BL *CAN* be upgraded by Apple in any moment using the right files (fls and eep).

3.9 FB can be flashed by anyone at any time. (dangerous thing).

Many people already bricked their phones due to misuse with 3.9 FB… many others, flashing back to 1.1.1 found theirselves with 3.8 BL << 3.8 !

That’s because with 3.9 FB “blind” flashes are possible.

Feel free to use whatever tool you prefer.
Iplus is nothing more that an UNSAFE ziphone bootloeg.


i have a iphone 1.1.2 ootb unlocked with old methods. I would like to pass to 1.1.4. Do i have to first restore (or upgrade??) with iTunes to 1.1.4 and then use Ziphone 2.6?
thanks to whom will answer.

Zibri, you're an amazing iPhone hacker. I was just wondering if this release fixes the "locate me" feature in maps that a previous version of ziphone broke. This is the only feature that no longer worked after the jailbreak. If you do impliment this into a future version, expect a donation from me.

Thanks, Keep up the hacking.

first things zibri you da man!!
any one able to download files with safari ? if so how do you?

Hey Rockerz, thanks for the info but I've tried everything, reboot, reset network settings reset phone and all, it's still a no go, thats why after searching the net and also sending to a repair guy here in sg, they said its a hardware problem, do u know of any other methods? Thanks ericm

my friend just bought a new iphone and sent it to me.
I do not know much about the unlocking process.
Right now it says slide for emergency calls. and nothing else.
I am not sure how to unlock now.
Do I need to have AT&T sim for this or any other sim will also work.
plz help.

Thank You zibri For the good job...

After All of this v.good job, Please can you now add to ziphone the ability to make the IPhone read/write different language like Arabic, this the most function needed after jailbreak,activate and unlock...

Thank You For Helping

Zibri: you're right with the fact that nearly everyone may render a BL 3.9FB inoperable with misuse/misunderstanding/malicious sw. So using BL 3.9 is not the worst thing to do.

But you must admit that there may be a problem with downgrading all iphone bootloaders to 3.9 since Apple could easily double check production date/BL version and if they find out that it's not the original BL, they may exclude the device from updates (or do even worse?). For example a 16GB iphone has NEVER had a 3.9BL OTB.

I don't know if Apple will ever do so, but that may be a problem in future.

The conclusion is that ALL iphone devs/hackers should come together and find a way to upgrade/downgrade bootloaders at any flavour.

Everyone of you devs is doing a great job. Unfortunately you got divided and that's only an advantage for Apple.

i emailed you for persian translation , but no reply , email me if you are intrested.


Thanks very much for the upadate.. my 16gb ipod touch running on OSX is now working...

I really want a program like "mail", is there anything i can get through the jailbreak installer?


PS: am i right in thinkng that i should ignore all system updates through itunes now??

YAY!!!!! :D You rock!!!!

does anyone have the problem of cookies not storing? My websites no longer auto log me in even though I logged in after JB and clicked on auto logon as in the past. But since JB, I have not been able to auto logon on any site including my gmail.

Anyone else?

@ zibri:

for your ziphone:

if you bring the iplus 3.9 FB feature inside, you will get more and more famous. and iplus is out of order :-)

but good work zibri

think about it!!

Ciego #10

Hi all. I have a 32Gb Touch with 1.1.3 and Apps but I’ve been thinking of jailbreaking. Couple of quick questions:

1). Does ziPhone 2.6b downgrade the bootloader? If I ever needed it repaired by Apple (for whatever reason), the fact I was running an older BL than was put on it initially would mean they could tell I messed with it?

2). Can you get rid of the ‘Z’ blog link icon that is put on the screen after installing ziPhone?

Thanks a million. :)




My iPod touch 8 gb got fucked from jailbreaking it and I had to pay a little less then 100 dollar to fix it on apple's store.. and now The shit screwed again when I at least got it back and now its screwed again... I'm going mental dude.

Hello fanzs of Ziphone firstly we should be thankful to zibri for doing such a great job if you guys out there are not comfortable or don't understand to use this software pls ask the expert or view the video tutorial don't just whack the guy have some respect (people do make mistakes)be grateful for what he has done


Since many iPhone user now need to upgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 they need to backup their addressbook,bookmarks, Maps notes etc... You have said to setup the iPhone as New on iTunes when ZiPhone is used, so that we don't end with problems. I would suggest you to add this backup tool called timecapsule on ziphone.


Make the Ziphone more powerful tool than before!!


My good man, you are the ULTIMATE friend of the itouch community, now i can finally use my itouc16GB as it should be able to be used!

Thank you so much

Hi Zibri - thanks for the Touch jailbreaker.

For me, the various discussions about methods to jailbreak and resulting consequences is a bit concerning. Would you mind helping me and all the other non-technical people understand the implications of changing a newer device to an older bootloader? Are we truly "stuck" with an older bootloader?

And my big question - if I want to return my new 16G Touch to total original condition (after using ziphone) how would I do so?

Thanks again!

Hello Zibri
First of all Thank you for what you are doing for the
Iphone-Itouch community.

I need a favor.....Please write instructions for dummies(my case). I have seen videos and comments everywhere and I am still confused.

Example: I bought from Apple a Refurbished Iphone.
Will be here in 3 days.

It might come as 1.1.3 OTB or 1.1.4 OTB.
I want to Jailbreak and Unlock

Should I open Itunes or not ?
Should I use Ziphone without itunes ?

I know you can not answer every question people ask, but please let us dummies enjoy your work

Thank You so much

Simple to use, but IPT 16gb got stuck showing usb plug screen, then iTunes didn't recognize the IPT at all and gave an error message. Doing a full restore right now. I bought the January software pack with mail and such. Could that be the problem? If so, what can I do differently to jailbreak my IPT? Thanks!

The conclusion is that ALL iphone devs/hackers should come together and find a way to upgrade/downgrade bootloaders at any flavour.

Everyone of you devs is doing a great job. Unfortunately you got divided and that's only an advantage for Apple.

Best post of this thread. It seems that others want to take shots at Zibri for looking out for others by not screwing with the BL. How come the so-called geniuses are not saying or doing anything on this matter? Could it be that money is their ultimate goal? Zibri has proven time and time again that he delivers the goods. I will stick with a winner and if he changes the BL then I will assume that there is a good reason to do so.

won't work... still Spamming AT, waiting for a response. : ( are you supposed to do the NVRAM thing in the beginning or when the error takes place? Please please please eMail me krispykarrot@gmail.com please respond....

Zibri, I need your help - I used your previous Ziphone to jailbreak to 1.1.4 and it has worked fine for about 3 days. I did have BSD error but used Ziphone with recovery method to clear. But yesterday I noticed my home button wasn't responding most of the time and I had to shut-down & restart my ipodtouch to clear problem. I thought I should re-apply jailbreak using your newest Ziphone but didn't restore my ipodtouch via iTunes 1st. Now I am stuck with BSD error and cannot shut down nor enter recovery mode at all - even trying after battery goes flat nothing recognises my ipodtouch (Ziphone, iTunes, iPhuc, iBricr) Please can you help - was really impressed with 1.1.4 but now have nothing!!!

Zibri, I need your help - I used your previous Ziphone to jailbreak to 1.1.4 and it has worked fine for about 3 days. I did have BSD error but used Ziphone with recovery method to clear. But yesterday I noticed my home button wasn't responding most of the time and I had to shut-down & restart my ipodtouch to clear problem. I thought I should re-apply jailbreak using your newest Ziphone but didn't restore my ipodtouch via iTunes 1st. Now I am stuck with BSD error and cannot shut down nor enter recovery mode at all - even trying after battery goes flat nothing recognises my ipodtouch (Ziphone, iTunes, iPhuc, iBricr) Please can you help - was really impressed with 1.1.4 but now have nothing!!!

Thank you so much!

I found your killer appl today. I regreted to suffer from the old method for the touch jailbreak. :) Then, I want to meet the Korean version of Ziphone in few days. If you want helps about it, I willingly want to help it.

Hello. Everyone. Please just search for help. Take your time before you do any hack. Have a lot of patience. Believe that iPhone takes a lot of abuse. ;) Thanks Zibri and others for your work. Wished I had elite skills like you guys. But I'm trying hard to get there.

i have iphone 8Gb
my question is would it work on the 2.6b v..

i'm from canada and we have rogers here......

please help....

would this work with a Rogers ?

8Gb iphone

why can i use WinSCP anymore to access my files???HELP!!!!

Why cant i access my iPod Touch on WinSCP when i upgraded to 1.1.4 using ZiPhone!!!?? HELP!

Thank you so MUCH!
I have been trying to jailbreak my iPod touch 16 GB, after your NVRAM fix, it works great!

Leopard OSX
iTunes 7.6.1

I have been trying to jailbreak my iPod touch 16 GB, after your NVRAM fix, it works great!

MacOS X Leopard
iTunes 7.6.1

This is why I will stick with Zibri. In the end he was correct all along:


Do not use the FakeBL

I have a Quick and simple question

My question is , after using the Refurbish option to "virginize"

my iPhone , is it possible to restore with 1.1.1 version firmware?

thanks for all this zibree, your ace

I've used iplus to unlock my iphone, can I use ziphone to unlock it again?

used it unlock my iphone; my youtube stopped working; any help would be greatly appreciated. Please...

Installer is working great, but some packages save files in folders and you can play Nintendo games, but you have to put the games in specific folders to play them.

How can I access to these folders?

Now qhat is the next step??

Fix the root passwd?

Gratz for your great job!

i wanna ask u something...
i was unlocking my iphone(1.1.2) using ziphone...when i was half way through...i felt nothing is happening...so i disconnected the iphone..and ran ziphone again...it got jailbroken and activated too..but it keeps on hanging all the time...especially when switched it off and switched it on again...
i have already restored it 5-6 times..and now i updated it to 1.1.4 but still it keeps on hanging...
please help..
one more thing, when zibri.dat runs i noticed that during the process iphone screen displays "unable to load program image" but i am not able to figure out the error...
please do sumthing...

Just want to thank u.
After a few setbacks my touch it's once again jailbreaked!



Help: Ziphone can't sync my photo....

After using 2.6b jailbreak my 1.1.4 iphone...i found it can't sync photo through itune...how can I solve this problem?


Any solution to the wifi problem inoperable after previously using another SW unlock method? I tried the refurbish option, restoring from DFU mode, etc. and still left with no wifi. Is there a fix for this?!

I tried to jailbreak my ipod Touch but clicked on the Do it all button and got it fuced.

Does anybody knows how to fix it?
The Ziphone and the itune on't even recognize the ipod is connecet.


Can you Jailbreak an ipod from 1.1.2 or do U have to restore to 1.1.4. I would really like to avoid the restore because my connection is quite slow.

Hey Ziri!
Awesome job man!

One question...
Im runnin an OTB 1.1.2 iPhone.
I use At&T so not worried bout the unlock, just the jailbreak.
I updated to 1.1.4 and used your 2.5 - first version. Im not having any issues its all working great. Even youtube.

Is there any changed in this 2.6 that I need or just stick where im at until the next apple push?

Thanks for your awesome work.

I had the BSD root md0 major 2 minor 0 problem and freaked out until i learned about recovery mode

Thanks Z!

you can restore.. its ez er and better

can anyone show me or tell me where to go to change the language settings on an iphnoe from english to spanish ??


i think i messed up..
i press refurbished to restore my ipod touch..
and then when "spammin AT" appear and didn't change for quite long..(even quite some time after the progress bar finished) I stop the process and unplug the cable..
now my ipod won't reboot, it just keep saying "BSD root : md),major 2,minor 0"
what should I do??please help..

i think I messed up..
i click refurbished on my 1.1.1 ipod touch..
than it stuck ata "spamming AT"..
after the progress bar finished,it didn't change,so I stop progress and unplugged the cable..
now my ipod won't reboot and can't recognize by itunes..
it just show "BSD 2 root..."
how to restore??
zibri please help...

Thanks Zibri,
My Pod 16GB works OK.

Hope you recover soon.


Youve made hacking easy!!!! thanks!!! way better than all the downgrades and every update.

I was just wondering because i havent seen anyone ask
Is there a fix for the mail. because it crashes on my and my brother's phone.

Thank you Zibri, it works well with an iphone 8Gb 1.1.3.
A question: will upgrading to 1.1.4 break things? I cannot get EDGE to work, have authentication problems. Any suggestions? Provider is T-Mobile in Germany.

i dont know what happen to my phone, i cant even restore my phone now, if u c it, please contact me , i m very upset now, i really need a help, my email is cuiandbin@hotmail.com,please contact me

I will send dontation today I usually click the links but if your not getting paid from that I send via paypal.

ok,i fix my problem..
but no installer.app after jailbreak??
please response..


Great programmer, great work. I would like to help you translating the unlock app in .NET to Spanish.
¿Is possible to get the source code in .NET FrameWork including the interface? I would like to inspect line to line :) and learn!!!

Wow, there is a lot of villages missing their idiots!!

How would you suggest adding the extra apps on the ipod? ssh and copy from an iphone?
Not sure how to get the jiggly icons function? any words of wisdom?

Thanks Zibri

I have 1.1.2 iphone ootb and updates to 1.1.4 and did it all with 2.6b.
maps is only understanding country names on english language and is still assuming united states when no country is given. i cannot use my contacts becaus in my country germany the countrynames are written in german.
thank you

Zibri, well done on the 2.6b version of ZiPhone.
I just donated to you and God, it feels great! This is the future of developing, serving first with your tools and let the users decide to pay you back a small or big amount of money for your work.

At first I had a problem and got a boot error with black screen and after a recovery through iTunes I Jailbreaked my iPod Touch 16GB with 1.1.3 (through software upgrade) to 1.1.4 and ZiPhone.

If you need any help and contribution regarding design and graphics, let me know with an e-mail.

Greetings from Greece.

PS: I mention you in my last post in my blog here (it's in greek): http://www.280676.com I hope you don't mind some extra traffic :)

ok, i need hekp with my ipod whoever could help me pls do.
i wanted to refurbish my ipod bc it wouldnt turn on and it was stuck on the apple sign with a loding circle on it. i was using zipohone program v.2.6 and it started with all the words on a black screen and then it said

" cant start need configuration"
and then it wont stop repeating this
"BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0"

i dont know if this has anything to do with it but i had fw 1.1.4 but i had sv patch 1.1.3 in order to download certain things.

I am a iPod touch 16 gb user,
when I use ziphone ...I press the Do it all button...
and the process didn't complete at all, and now, the ipod touch only show the white text...
what should I do?

Great software,unlocked the iPhone real quick as promised. It's worth each & every cent paid. Just would like to know how to restore some original settings, such as the screen saver or the "call-answer sensor"(or something like that). When the iPhone was purchased, the screen saver(showing the traditional apple)worked OK. Now all icons remain permanently displayed, which gets the battery depleted too fast. Else I am able to answer calls by pressing the "green button" only, while it used to answer calls just by placing the iPhone close to the face, before the iPhone got locked. Any ideas on how to re-configure these settings? I scrolled through "settings" and could not find anything. Thanks in advance.

Thank everyone who contributed to this progam. I have a week 37 16g iPod Touch which I had JBd on 1.1 and 1.2 but left at 1.1.4 locked (via a restore). Anyway, the latest ZiPhone worked the first time, when other versions never did!

My websites no longer auto log me in even though I logged in after JB and clicked on auto logon as in the past. But since JB, I have not been able to auto logon on any site including my gmail.

Can someone confirm or deny this is happening to them. If I'm the only one, then I will just JB again

Hi Zibri
Thx for your grate softwere,but do you know if there in any app you can install that lets you turn off the side bar funtion inthe iphone as its doning my head in :-)
Every time i need to use the phone you need to hit the home button and then slide the bar over.
i just would like some way to press the home button to get in.
Any when reseving calls you need to slide the bar to open and there id a delay befor you can speek.
Thx for any help any1 can offer

Hello ! Everything works after ziphone to change operator. But one problem, EDGE don't work anymore. There's the E but it says I did nor subscribe or something like that. And I have a edge data subscription. What do do?

IMPORTANT : After a personal experience, if it can help others, I would say that I could never restore with iTunes and make it work with Ziphone to the end as long as I did not connect to the USB port of the PC. It failed all the time I connected the iPhone on an outside USB box connected to the PC. But as soon as I plugged the USB cable of the iPhone directly on the USB port that is IN the PC, everything worked fine. In case of...

Thanks for the Software, it has helped me in my business,

i am having a problem wirh ziphone on my 16gb touch the screen is black and all it says is BSD root mdO major 2 minor 0 please help

Awesome Thnxs Dudes!!!!!!!!!!!

hey i'm new to all this......can u tell me where i can download ziphone 2.5 so i can unlock my 1.1.4 iphone.

thanks alot for ur support.

I cannot install ziphone 2.6b on vista. although 2.5 installed just fine. Is there a work around for this?

I need help ><
I forgot to default it.. but used the ZiPhone 2.6b for jailbreak..
Now stick at the errror msgs... What could i do? Could you help me?

Hi Zibri. Read about your nasty encounter with adsense. Didn't you know, adsense is a very poor company. They need your money.

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Thanks, I just jailbreaked my iPod touch 8gb 1.1.4 using your program! So freaking fast!
Anyways, I have a question. My friend has a 16gb...will the newest version of ZiPhone (when I just click on that 'download ziphone' button at the top of the page of your website) work to jailbreak 16gb? I know there has been some errors with it in the past but should it work now? Thanks!


I'm new to ziphone. Where do I start?

Much appreciated.

Upgraded from 1.0.2 to 1.1.4 then ziphoned it. now getting "no service" and no phone.

I would recommend all 1.0.2 users stay away until they have a fix.

Does anyone have a definitive fix for this?

This is amazing! Very Easy!

I'm wondering, the last option on the GUI, to re-lock the phone, will this mean that after the SDK apple won't know I ever jailbroke the phone?

Thanks alot for your ZiPhone 2.6b.
I just Jialbreak my Itouch 8Gb to 1.1.4 version. It was a successful Jailbreak through. But I enecounter some errors when I am trying to install some apps from the Installer.

Such as:
1) Summberboard (Old/New), requires frimware 1.1.1 or 1.1.2?
2) Customize , requires firmware 1.1.[123]?

Thus I am not able to install these apps, so not able to change the themes.

I believe I successfully jailbroke my 8 gb touch-installer is shown, but I am not sure what to do next. I installed the BSD, but when it was done nothing is different, there are some apps that I can install, but I am not sure what to do with them next, I cant see them anywhere. And then some apps I can not install it reads "package error". Please help or refer me to solutions to my naivety.

ok i just jailbraked it with ziphone and it worked but when i download and install new apps and games it does not show in the home screen. is there a place where they all go or is there something wrong with my ipod

Thanks for your effort, always... ^^

and How can I translate the website * GUI Applicatio for Korean?

Please let me know and help you...

I still have the spamming at error..

the nvram fix seems nothing to do.. T_T

im currently running on itouch 1.1.4

help please

Help, i tried installing it, and it got hanged.
Now i cant sync my ipod with my itune or computer

Namaste Zibri,
Here your troubleshooting guide in PDF version.. still kind of mock up version..



thanks for all of your hard work on this, you rock.

i've got a jailbroken ipod touch 1.1.1 and plan to use ziphone 2.6b to get some of the newer features.

i've read all the comments in this thread, and watched a few of the youtube videos, so i'm very clear on the installation process.

but, i still have one question: i have a lot of data on my ipod (contacts, calendar, music and video). i want to make sure that i don't lose this information when i upgrade to 1.1.4. the videos all start with a virgin ipod/iphone, so i'm not clear on what i need to do to keep my data during the upgrade.

any pointers from anyone here toward an existing thread on this, or a video that takes this into account would be greatly appreciated.


iTunes does it all for you.

Make sure you sync your ipod with itunes before you do anything. Itunes then creates a complete backup of everything on the ipod. It only backs up stuff that is supposed to be there (contacts, settings music and video settings). So any third party apps you have on there will be lost and you will need to back those up separately.

You can check the back-up is there by going to itunes, go to edit( in the file menu) then preferences, then click on the syncing tab. Any ipods or iphones you have a back-up off appear there.

Once you have used Ziphone and the ipod is jailbroken, itunes will ask you if you want to treat the freshly jailbroken ipod as a new ipod or restore it from a previous back-up.

Choose restore from a previous backup. It might take a few mins to restore all your options but it works a treat.
I have done this a few times with my iphone and ipod touch and have always got all my stuff back.

Hope this helps.


SSH / SFTP user name and password for ziphoned ipods?

i need help plz i used the 1.1.4 jailbreaker and all ym ipod touch says on it is BSD roo: md0, Major 2, minor 0 it keep repeating plz help dont know what to to

i need help plz i used the 1.1.4 jailbreaker and all ym ipod touch says on it is BSD roo: md0, Major 2, minor 0 it keep repeating plz help dont know what to to

Great Util.
But now Youtube has a problem.
When you click Youtube all text appears but no pictures, click on a video and I get 'Error Playing Movie'.
I have searched everywhere and tried loads of things but they still wont play. Even tried another wireless internet connection.
Any ideas PLEASE,

For Zibri: http://e4.video.blip.tv/1450002904255/Iphone101-iPhone101Episode6236p.mov

To all the other programmers that have been saying a fake 3.9 bootloader is better than Zibri's they should check the above link. It shows someone went to an Apple store after their iPhone screen stopped working and was able to get a new one. Their iPhone was unlocked, then it was restored (obviously) given back with hardly and questions. No mention of a bootloader scan.

pls help!i got an error message when i jailbreak th itouch 8 g---startipodstack can't start!need configuration

I have a problem with my Ipod touch 8gb, it is a new one bought yesterday the 24th of March, I used Ziphone Jailbreak for Ipod, it did not work properly, I wanted to restore with ziphone and now it is completely blocked.

The screen is always turned on full of line of text and the last line says "need configuration".
Ziphone does not recognize it.
What can I do?

It works very well! I used 2.6b on my iphone 8GB (which came with the default version 1.1.3). I did not upgrade the firmware, i just took it out of the box, started ziphone, clicked 'do it all' button and it worked like a charm!! Amazing!

I put in my SIM card of a provider in India and it worked! It even found the service roaming network in the US!! Amazing!

for some reason everytime i use the keyboard my 16gb itouch freezes. do you have a solution for this?


Thanks for your advice, it worked just as you said it would.

Now I'm on 1.1.4, jailbroken and happy. ZiPhone rocks, thanks Zibri. I'll be sending you a donation soon.

I do have one small issue, now. Safari doesn't seem to be keeping cookies. I can't remain logged into gmail or facebook. It's pretty inconvenient. I checked my Safari settings, and it's set to accept cookies from visited sites, same as before. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Hey Zibri,
When is the ziphone update coming out? I am getting my iphone on the 3rd of march will it be ready by then???

it is stuck on long list of words ziphone wont download because files wont work and i downloaded the framework thing what now?

what is a nivram and it keeps displaying BSD Root: md0, major 2, minor 0? Also ziphone wont open CLR erroe 80004005?

what is nivram and it keeps displaying BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0 also ziphone wont open fatal error 80004005?

Hello. This is more of a question than a comment but I'd like to use ziphone so I can use a dutch sim card with my iphone. I'm moving from the US to Holland and don't want to let go of my iphone. Any advice? I'm not a techy person and haven't downloaded ziphone yet. Still on AT&T.


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