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SEDA-GIVE ?!?!?!

1/29/2008 07:52:00 PM - 40 comments

I wonder how rumors run quickly and I am very disappointed

by Erica Sadun of TUAW for telling people this was

a key related to SDK or the "Application Key".

Well.. i never said it. And, frankly, it's NOT :)

I posted this only because I hate disinformation.



40 Responses

So what's talking about?

and what the fuck is that key for??? People are confused and thats your fault. Stop the misterious things and give us some information. Cheers.

so why dont you just say what that key is ?! whats your problem ?

maybe(?) this:
Staged event-driven architecture

In the Software SEDA is an acronym for staged event-driven architecture, and decomposes a complex, event-driven software application into a set of stages connected by queues. This design avoids the high overhead associated with thread-based concurrency models, and decouples event and thread scheduling from application logic. By performing admission control on each event queue, the service can be well-conditioned to load, preventing resources from being overcommitted when demand exceeds service capacity.
SEDA employs dynamic control to automatically tune runtime parameters (such as the scheduling parameters of each stage) as well as to manage load, for example, by performing adaptive load shedding. Decomposing services into a set of stages also enables modularity and code reuse, as well as the development of debugging tools for complex event-driven applications.

If it is a key (and 128bits aint a lot for a key) then at least say what it's for. No reason not to:

1. If it's important apple clearly now know you have it, and they already know what it's for, so there's nothing to lose by telling us.
2. If it's boring apple won't care, and there's still nothing to lose.

lol ... that frankenstein looks like Steve Balmer (microsoft) ... LMAO!!!

totally agree with tony!

If you don't like this blog, don't read it.
But don't come here to tell me what to do.

Well, if Zibri said this key is important....why not to trust him?

I just keep waiting

P.S. Zibri can you tell us if is there another jailbreak method to be released after the SDK release?

(anyway, i'm happy we italians have an italian mind inside the dev team, thank you.)

"If you don't like this blog, don't read it.
But don't come here to tell me what to do."

People are getting upset because you are sensationalizing something that shouldn't be. And this is all coming from the guy who criticized Geohot for supposedly wanting attention by releasing info. You are doing even worse by attracting attention without releasing anything. They are getting upset because you are being extremely hypocritical.

This last post is a great example. You post the mysterious key, calim that Apple knows what it is, and leave the readers with nothing. This goes against everything you criticized others about. If the only reason you aren't releasing info is because of apple, why not explain what the key is? I think the reason is that you got a little bit of notoriety with the 1.1.3 JB and the Geo fight and now you want control.

I respect your work and your contributions to the scene, but you are going about this all wrong. Just be straight forward about things, like you claimed you wanted Geo to be and I think that will solve a lot of miscommunication and problems.

This key will give us the ability to use the bluetooth the way it should have been from the start.
Transfer files and etc.

Zibri, please dont listen to those naggers and continue to blog! i'm always excited to see news on here ...

Pardon people but I don't understand anybody getting upset or even angry without information about the key. I think it's zibree's blog. He can do whatever he wants to, he can close it without any comment, like other developers do, he can post "if u read this u're as stupid as your whatever" and he is able to inform others others about his advances in whatever he's searching for. So why don't u be quiet and wait for what he developes? I know everybody, including me is waiting for the 112 OTB unlock. I know that most of you come here at least twice a day, urgently waiting for new news concerning the unlock, most of you are thinking, about perhaps buying some 112 otbs as soon there is a software unlock and selling those on ebay. Why don't u sit down, relax, put a smile on your face because of Zibree's typ he gives hints and posts and wait for the unlock.

I think it's same as Duke Nukem Forever, it'll be done, when it's done, and nothing is more disapointing then posting a DDate and not getting finished.

Keep up good work, and don't loose your style, Greetings from Germany to Italy


Im sorry Acid, but there will be no software unlock unless someone find a new exploit that let us run anySIM as GeoHot has said.

There'll always be unsatisfiable guys. But as for me, weird news is better than none.

I'm not so sure, as u are. In Germany we've PayTv, where everybody said it's impossible to get that cracked, and even after 2 new cryting methods, they got it "open". Same to PSP, where it wasn't able to play isos, before releasing the new PSP Flat, there was a "Pandorra box" released and there where also people telling it's impossible. So I'm quite confident. And besides my knowledge of programming and systemintegration I think every thing, that can be rewritten by Apple via Itunes and USB Port, can also be rewritten by any other program, which gets Itunes emulated.
What I in deed don't understand is, there are Iphones in Germany, which where officially sold unlocked by tmobile. Those where first locked and then unlocked by the Update via Itunes. Why isn't it possible to sniff the trafic and emultate the environment, so that every Iphone emulates being one of those. There has to be an ID or it's the Imei or sth like that, which allows Itunes to recognize an unlocked iphone and so it gets unlocked via itunes again after the update. Isn't there any chance to emulate that, or to emulate one of those Imeis or whatever ids?

zibri, i have decoded the DMg file and it is real. I just wanna tell you that you should try finish it before the end of this month the 112 otb so you can get paid from the other sites foe it. I want to help but I can't find the file that has the secapack 113. I guess it has been moved. Anyway good luck

ok man, left zibri to work... wait, patience, a sw unlock will be out soon ;-D

Guys relax why go so hard on him for? isn't updating a blog better than than nothing like what hackintish feeds you guys NOTHING no updates regarding anything. ;)

I support the manner Zibri is doing, he is a smart guy. He knows he gets your attention by playing mystery, he knows some of you are upset, nervous guys.
For all of you criticizing, learn to wait, to respect owner's site and be smart too, by understanding the news wasn't "we got to the goal", but "we got the vehicle to get to the goal". Just be happy knowing something huge is coming!!!

hey zibri what you think about this?



zibri sets up a blog, posts info, then doesn't tell us what it is. I don't get why he set up the blog anyways.

About the video, it's a fake. Week 51 iPhones are 1.1.2 ootb.

To anyone asking for more infos:
this is not a release blog.
I am not alone in this work, we are a team. And as a team we will release when we are ready.
I said even too much on this blog.
And i don't like people who never contributed to this scene, criticise the work of people who do.
So why don't you start learning and contributing ?
By the way, i never publicized this blog. So don't ask me why i set it up..
I set it up to speak my mind when i feel so.
You don't have to like me.

January 19, 2008 4:40 PM
Zibri said...

"Please everyone remember the words he just wrote !

Because i am here betting whatever sum you want that a software unlock of 1.1.2 ootb IS INDEED POSSIBLE and IT WILL BE DONE."

January 19, 2008 4:42 PM
Zibri said...

"oh.. and by the way...
progress will be as usual posted on

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So if we dont get the information here, where do we have to be? Please, link us closer to the goal (whateverthatbe).

Did you alone get that number of did you get help with that? It looks like you alone figured it out (whateverthatbe).

anyway.. thanks for showing us that there are people so busy hacking that box that they dont have the time to explain everything :]


You publicized this blog in your fight with Geohot. No one starts a blog unless they want it to be read. Dont dance around the issue like you aren't looking for attention because you are. If you weren't you would A) Not have this blog, or B) Post meaningful posts with real information, thus informing the community. Anything in between those is just looking for people to beg for your next post.

Again, I am not criticizing your work, I admire it, but this blog is focused around you and that is the bottom line. The people are upset about that fact, and not your "lack of results."

Thanks again for the stuff and keep it coming.

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I guess what people want to know is: Why announce it at all? Why let Apple know you have it?

There is no reason to post this unless you want some sort of attention. You said it yourself, you've said too much already. Whatever that is, Apple knows we have it now. So you've lost whatever element of surprise you may have had.

go ahead Zibri! dont lisent this idiots guys speaking stupid thing. When u an the dev team get the SW unlock the will use that whithout open her mouths.
go zibri and plz close this stupid mouth!! 1.1.2 OTB SW its yours!

God damn it, let the guy do whatever he wants to.

A lot of you have bitched about him not saying what that code means, and yet he has even answered the comments twice, and still haven't said what it is. Don't you understand?? If he's not saying it after all this talk about it, IT'S BECAUSE THE GUY HAS HIS REASONS NOT TO SAY IT. GOT IT?

Now pls, let this be the last post on flaming/defending Zibri... It's getting boring!

Haha.. This is good stuff! Keep it up Zibri.

maybe the keys just a diversion so that apple looks the other way while the team builds a s/w unlock:D:D:D:P...tok bout wishful thinking:P

Zibri, keep up the great work. I love to surf by everyday to see if you have posted another update.

I would guess this is the missing link in decrypting Apple's 8900 files. If so, then this is definitely big.


with this key i am pretty sure you can create custom software.

zibri can you just please tell us how long the frame will be

2 weeks
1 month

please zibri just estimate because yeah...

obviously there are no good news regarding the 1.1.2 otb software unlock. I guess, if there were any breakthroughs zibree would inform us.


this thing is getting out of hand ... omg people just wait for the unlock it will come just wait ..... and stop saying what zibri has to do ....

the only thing you want is the soft unlock ... ow yes i want it also but yeaah i will buy a Xsim ...

zibri your doing a great job ! keep like that ... jou dont even have to give these people a reply they dont even deserve it ! ....

they are not worth it :)

greetz and thx for your updates :) i dont understand it but you are the only one who gives us information so we know you are still working . And put a lot of spairtime into this whole stuff


For those wondering what the infamous key actually does, check out this page:


I think it's pathetic to write that you hate disinformation while being completely responsible for all speculations by not telling what this key is about. Grow up! That having said, I do appreciate the good hacking work you are doing.

A general 8900 Apple file decrypter is now available from the Elite google page


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