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Major iPhone breakthru !

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What is the key Zibri? Does it have a connection with the SW unlock?
Thank you for your reply.

Zibri has a great imagination.

Keep on posting thread like this. :D

Yeah, I'm getting curious now.. :) Me like! *hoping for SW unlock 112 otb... ;)

brute forced it?

looks like a key or something.
did you guys really find the rsa key to the boatloader / baseband ???
well the future will tell :D


It has to be a 1.1.2 OTB, i think u will not make us wait so long... :-(

This Key has nothing to do with the baseband.

About 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 OOTB i can tell you we did progress.

This key is something even more important, but not for unlockers.

"There's something in the air" :)

O no! zibri can you tell us more about the unlock ?

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Well that is awesome enough, I guess.

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Hi Zibri,
I like your blog and update you giving us. Thank you.
What I want to say, is if you claim it is very important key, and Apple know what it is... it's only we over here who don't know. And i don't really see any sense in this case to don't say it to us as well.

Hmmmm.... I have no idea what this means, sounds interesting though haha

Zibri ,

Help us who have bl 4.6 to unlock and downgrade this to 3.9.

Only you can help us , only you in the world .

gimme sw unlock :<

zibri che palle!!! ma sto sblocco software se po fà??

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I hate italians I'm italian so I hate me, ZIbri found the Saint Graal of the SDK and italian ppl spam on his blog asking for SW unlock so Naples ppl can sell iphone in the street I'm Very Very Very SAD

sei solo un coglione antipatriottico, per colpa di gente come te che parla male della propria patria ci vedono dall estero come un popolo poco serio e FYI il tipo sul blog di zibri era palesemente di roma, io sono di milano vivo a londra e ODIO italiani che parlano male degli italiani.

Don't listen to visik is just an ass, above I'm defending my country..

so no s/f unlock


Sorry if my question is stupid enough, but... If these numbers are meant to sign allowed software to iphone, does that mean we can have a patched (unlocked) and "signed" baseband, so that the bootloader allows its installation?

I'm waiting patiently for a SW unlock for 1.1.2, but while it's not out, it would be better not to upgrade to 1.1.3, correct?

Finally, when and if I upgrade to 1.1.3, will I have to reinstall all programs I have currently installed in 1.1.2?

Tks and congracts for the great work!

if i am right this is the sig-check key right....?

Every time the iphone boots up the 4.06 Bootloader checks the baseband and all the other software etc if it has this correct key am i right zibri?

And ZIBRI thank you for updating you source all the time, your the only person that updates info about hacking the Iphone so thank you i admire that. :)

Ma Dimmi....questo numero e il numero di telefono di Eva Collini? Grazie assai!

I have 1.1.2 OTB. Do I update to 1.1.3 or I don't?
Which is better to be able unlocking it when unlock method comes out?

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Ehi Visik sei per caso di quelli che sotto roma si è terroni? sei della lega? sembri un pò razzista.. ho solo chiesto sullo sblocco SW poi posso essere pure svizzero, americano, africano,australiano, sardo etc. a napoli ed ovunque nel mondo fanno quello che vogliono. recentemente a torino ho visto che vendevano in un grande magazzino in centro l'iPhone a 700Eur in OFFERTA. a torino non a napoli!! Siamo italiani abbiamo pecche e virtù ma da qui a dire che odi gli italiani ( Addirittura te stesso!!! LOL) mi sembra esagerato.
Man, I'm Italian, i have a 112otb and i wait for info about the SW unlock. Ppl, are you waiting for info too? it's only a question... w Italy! w World! w iPhone sw unlock. Go zibri and dev team

@everyone considering to update to 1.1.3.: You can actually go ahead. The Dev team's soft update actually doesnt touch your baseband (and of course not your bootloader), so you can always downgrade to 1.1.2 again. Also, when a method to unlock 1.1.2. softwarewise comes out, it will be aplicable to the updated 1.1.3. phones.

@ Lattugafresca :

vi sono modi e modi per fare richieste, il tuo é da vero buzzurro.

ok johnnie:
Zibri per favore puoi dirci qualcosa sullo sblocco sw affinchè la gente sappia più o meno quanto aspettare?
Zibri please teel us something about Sw unlock so ppl knows how much time wait for it. thanks.
Scusa johnnie era un modo sbrigativo. però visik mi pare abbia cmq esagerato. Saluti.

Zibri i love your blog, and i hope you will help us unlock our 112 phones

zibris, thanks to help us...

we are supporting you and we are very exciting waiting for this s/w solution...


@realindoor and @lattugafresca
You aren't even able to read
I said: "I hate italians" not "I hate italy"
Italian ppl like you who post "please help me I want to sell 100 iphone and make money from that without giving you a single penny"
moreover you Write in Italian on an english blog, is like to go to Uk talking in italian and pretend to be understood.
this is completly out of the Netiquette but I think you even don't know what it is .

I completely agree with visik.


Key for the Apple Authentication chip, in speakers and etc?

I enjoy reading Zibri's little "teasers."

At least he's throwing out something! Don't think he's trying to string anyone along either. While I'm at it I like that he didn't come down too hard on Nate.


my god:|..the number of ppl waiting for a soft unlock like me is huge:P.

Comon zibree you owe it to all ure fans out there;)...give us a timeframe.

I guess you would be relucant to say sumthing incase you exceed it and then every1 will come pouncing on you:P...well i guess thats valid but atleast a "not less than" wud be gr8:D..thnx a ton in advance incase you reply:D

well, if i'm not wrong, this is the key Apple is intended to use to sign "Apple Approved 3rd Paty Applications" developped using the iPhone SDK from Apple, knowing this key is required in order to get your application installable on the iPhone ; now the world has the key, nobody needs the approval from Appel anymoe ....

This blod is shitty and a POS.

If it is the sdk key, surely they'll just use a different key now? unless its something that's matched against something in seczone or somewhere where it can't be changed?

2 visik

well, to be honest it is not italian fault that apple don't sale iphone in italy. The same situation in russia, and other cauntrys with no apple interest. So whats wrong that ppl start to sale it there... imho, one should hate apple but not the ppl that tray to sale it. Why don't you hate blodex and other proxy sim solution.. 100 euro for what? If you look at any foru about apple, ppl ask for sw unlock.. do you hate all of them? And as i say i like zibri blog.. but beleive me it was much more fun when Geohot did his first hw unlock on-line on irc channel... that was really cool. And what we have here...

To visik:

I forgot to say that i am italian too.. for instance.

To vad:

Don't ever compare me to that lamer of geohot. Everything he did was the work of gray and other people..

zibri are you italian too?? oh well so you understand what i wrote.
I don't say that i want to sell iPhone (where do you read this?) I only ask the question (in modo più colorito :-D) Sorry if this disturbed you. Ok. But this key... it's imprtant for what? Bye and thanks for the good works.
Ehi Visik stay calm :-D netiquette??? what is this??? :-D
Bye and let's fall this..

ZIBRI you rock dude well at-least you update your blog, not like the other sources that keep it quiet 24/7 LOL


Divide by zero!!


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I dont want to buy a *sim and I dont want to brick/f**k my 112otb iphone. I want donate to you guys for a SOFTWARE UNLOCK!!! PLEASEEE

Thanks for everything in advance!!

so zibro you and your guys are working on a s/f unlock yeah? You said it is under heavy development. :D


How long to wait, let us know what it is and also the update regarding 1.1.2 OTB BL 4.6 software unlock most of the people are waiting for the software unlock for months...

Zibre's breakthrus are md5 only... do you really think anyone care about you and your md5's hashes (most people don't even understand what they are)

You said geohot is a lamer but he DOES release things. You are worth what people think you are, not WHAT you really are...

Look at your previous faults... you had the 1.1.3-secpack, kept it for yourself, someone else released it... you had the jailbreak, kept for yourself, natetrue leaked it... so now again you have the key for SDK, will keep for yourself, someone else will release it (or worst, apple may change it).

You must either RELEASE what you find out or at least KEEP IT QUIET :)

Btw, don't take me wrong, I really appreciate all your work (anysim 1.2.x patch mostly, as it was the only thing you really released).

Ah I already donate to team...

obviously, this dude likes to be worshiped. he feeds off peoples praise. what is the point of posting that he has a key that only apple knows and he fails to explain it to people what the key is??? If u asked me i would say you are nothing but a stupid jerk. For those of u waiting for this asshole to give u a software unlock, he is not the only one developing it, we actually have people who are been paid to hack it also. This idiot is doing it for the accolades and it says alot about his character.

Zibri, please, give us update about soft unlock, saying nothing bricks more phones than geohod's post.

Timeframe? we just need to know if:
a) 1 week
b) 4 weeks
c) 8 weeks
d) never

please, don't play with us, respond to people who is asking, no need to unlock, but share this information is priceless to us.

Thank you for responding.

Hacking is all about proving to someone that you can do something. All of you people who trash talk Zibri and praise Geohot, take a moment to think, and then please do realize that you have no clue whatsoever who does what and who is responsible for some of the hacks. It might be some person who does not wish to be named or mentioned who does the majority of the breakthroughs.

This is, by no means, a claim that Zibri does nothing, as I don't believe that Geohot does nothing. I just want to imply that many people make this possible, and that they share this stuff as is, without any obligation to them.

I believe that these guys are doing nicely, and that they already did things which made our iPhones much more useful, so sit tight, and let them do their stuff. Go play something. Go out and have a beer or two.

And yeah, to all you flaming commenters: Why? Since Zibri has proven to not be much of a flamehead (he loses it only in regards to crediting the wrong people), you really thinks he lies crying in his bed because of your comments? Please take your puberty to MySpace, where it belongs. Thanks.

Homebrew here we come ? :P

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If anyone writes me a brute-forcer, I can run it on my Quad-Core, if that's needed :P

msg me
mail: vandongen.max [at] gmail.com

zibri mail me please i want to talk with you concerning iphone ;)

i have some interesting ideas


it's the 1.1.4 SDK security key


Is there any way to disable the text message pop up on my iphone 3G? so that no one can read them but me.

We steel love the Ziphone!!!!!!!

maximal subliminal

we're talking about entering in other peoples brain

greetings from the montauk-project

Zibri, man, You rock. You are the best. I always get bent on my knees for real genius, and you are #1. You are the best! Keep your head up!

Thanx for your time and efforts. Thanx for your cause.
Thanx by break the corporation chains and thanx for share it with us.

greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sos un capo tano.
No creo que sea todo obra tuya pero la tenes clara con el marketing.

East or west Zibri is the best. We love you brother don't think the no one gives you credit. If you see you have fans all around the world.
Kindest Regards,

Eehy zibri.
First i wanted to say i've done, mine and others ipods with your software, on every possible version.. Works great..
Thnx for it..
Second :P
Why dont you guys try it out with the iPhone SDK ?


Hey Zibri !!!

U Rocks, Without u Iphone would be a brick for those who are not from USA.............

U r a life saver

Keep Rocking!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a TON

Hi Zibri
I don't know if my post is important cuz I don't know anything abt hacking or programming or genious stuff so many ppl here r discussing. All I know is tht I'm in UAE (where there r no iPhones launched by Apple). Yet I'm posting this message using my iPhone cuz I downloaded Ziphone from ur blogsite n learnt how to use it with the help of video clips u posted showing how to unlock iPhone. I used Ziphone to bring my busted iphone back to life when it crashed after i bought it from a shop.

For a layman like me this is all tht matters.


I don't know if this kind of a post is important to u but... I only wanna say one word.....



do you have a unlock for the 3g iphone? the other question is that when i did a itouch and there was some free apps that i was able to install ,i lost them all when i did the 2.02 update and it undid the jailbreak.( screwed up the update process) is there a place that i can find them as i want to install just a certain one on a different phone.

Hello Zibri,
I just wanted to ask about that key:
It looked like hex to me first time, but it's not hex, so it's some kind of Apple's ciphers? If it is, can you pleas tell me the name of it? Thanks :)

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help i cant get ziphone to work pllllllllllllllease help

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