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New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L To Cost More Than Previous Models

8/29/2014 05:35:00 PM - 0 comments

It's getting very close now and most of the rumors that will fill our news feeds over the next couple of weeks are probably going to be things we have read before. The fact that we have received official confirmation of the iPhone 6 event will however place renewed emphasis on what has already been said. For example, it has been suggested that the next generation iPhone will cost more than the current iPhone 5s and with carriers now coming through with figures for the retain run for the iPhone 6, we can see just how much this new device is going to cost.

A report over at MovilZona, has revealed that Telefonica has let it slip that the new 4.7 inch iPhone 6 is going to sell for €750, while the 5.5 inch model will start at a whopping €950. This is quite an investment for anyone to make even with the increase in real estate, bumped processor and all the other features, especially when you take into consideration that the base level iPhone 5s is priced at $649 in the US. According to these figures, it looks like the new iPhone 6 is going to be a very expensive purchase indeed.

An analyst has suggested that the lower end variant of the iPhone 6 will include a Gorilla Glass panel as opposed to the sapphire glass we've heard about continually, but we don't know which version Telefonica's numbers relate to. Given that Telefonica is still in discussion with Apple, there are no guarantees associated with this report, but for those hoping to get their hands on the new iPhone 6 for the same price as the current iPhone 5s, it really is a bit of a downer.

As well as bringing out two new smartphones, Apple will apparently roll out its first major wearable in the form of the iWatch, although like the 5.5 inch iPhone 6, general availability is not anticipated until October at the earliest.

The fact that Apple have decided to host the keynote at the larger-capacity Flint Center for the Performing Arts as opposed to the Yerba Buena suggests that this will be an event to remember. It all takes place on the 9th of September and we can't wait to report on the outcome.


Free Apps Worth $20 Available To Download Now

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These free paid app posts always seem to garner a lot of interest and for good reason too. Who doesn't love a freebie? Today we have some great paid iOS app that are available for a limited time for free. Today's bunch will save you $20 in total and there really is something for everyone in our list. Check them out, see what you want, and then head over to the iTunes store and grab them while you can.

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Full Screen Private Browsing ($1.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)

What can we say, the name of this app really does say it all and if you are fed up with Mobile Safari and that fact that it really isn't as functional as it could be, then this little gem could be for you. Available right now for free on the iTunes store, why not see just what it can do.

F18 Pilot Simulator ($1.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)

Want to fly a plane? Well now you can with this life-like simulator. The visuals in this app are stunning and the app is really amazing. We've all had a go of this one and it gets a big thumbs up from our team. It's a bit addictive though so make sure you have some spare time when you test it out.

SharpScan Pro + OCR ($6.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)

In today's busy world, we are always looking for ways to do things and one of those things that always seems to crop up is scanning documents. The SharpScan Pro + OCR app usually costs $7 and is well worth it with all the things it can do. Today, however you can get your hands on this little beauty for free so make sure you do.

Letters From Nowhere 2 ($6.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)

Gamers who enjoy a bit of mystery are going to love the Letters From Nowhere app. You have to venture through a haunted town trying to uncover sinister secrets. There are more than 50 locations so you get a really in-depth experience and if you get it today, you also save $7.

It is worth remembering, that all these apps are only available for free for a limited period of time so if you see anything in the list that you would like, be sure to get it right away because if you leave it till tomorrow it could be gone.


A New iPhone 6 Schematic Shows Protruding Camera

8/21/2014 05:42:00 PM - 0 comments

The next generation iPhone, the iPhone 6, is set to make its official appearance in the next couple of weeks. According to reports, Apple is set to make the official announcement for their latest smartphone on the 9th of September. If this is true, we are sure to see a lot more leaks and reports surfacing in the next couple of weeks. The latest leak is a new sketch that apparently details a protruding rear-facing camera component.

We all know that Apple are renowned for smooth design, so while reports that the iPhone 6's camera would stick out have been incessant, many people have brushed them off. As with any rumor, though, if they stay around for long enough people start to believe them. There is no telling whether this leaked schematic drawing is legitimate or not, and in it, the camera part of the device clearly poking out can be seen.

As we have seen with every iOS device that Apple has released to date, the shooter has sat flush, and this leaves a smooth feeling when holding the device, and it looks better too. We personally can't imagine Apple changing this and this new schematic suggests that the 4.7 inch model and the 5.5 inch variant will have a stick out camera lens. Like most of the iPhone 6 related information that is hitting the web right now, this new information hails from Apple.club.tw, and shows a schematic of the 4.7 inch iPhone sporting this protruding camera ring.

The 4.7 inch iPhone 6 is expected to be announced along with the larger 5.5 inch model which could be called the iPhone 6L. We still have no official proof of any of this and only time will tell what exactly will be announced by Apple. It's not too long to wait now either and the 9th of September will come around very quickly. What do you think of the next iPhone having a protruding camera? Will it be something that will please the eye or do you think this is just another of the rumors that are just being put out there for shock value? Leave your opinions in the comments below.


More Than 75,000 Jailbroken iPhone and iPads Infected With AdThief Malware

8/19/2014 07:03:00 PM - 0 comments

You may be under the illusion that because you have an iPhone or iPad you are safe from malware. This could possibly be the fact if you kept your device as it was when you purchased it, but if you start to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, you open yourself up to malware threats. AdThief Malware was created by a Chinese hacker and was discovered back in March of this year, and it looks like it has been going on quite an infection spree. If you have a jailbroken iOS device, then you need to pay attention to the rest of this post.

Security researchers Axelle Apvrille has revealed that AdThief, or Spad as it is also known, has managed to steak advertising revenue from over 75,000 iOS devices. It has managed to hijack a massive number of ads, approximately 22 million, and this means that they have really reaped the rewards financially too.

AdThief malware gets installed as part of certain untrusted Cydia repos and packages, likely the pirated ones, and it disguises itself as a Cydia Substrate extension. Once it has been installed, it replaces legitimate affiliate codes from a range of ad networks with its own, meaning that all taps that generate revenue, do so for the person behind the malware.

AdThief is a technical and malicious piece of code that hijacks revenue from 15 different adkits. It is built on top of the Cydia Substrate platform, available for jailbroken devices. This provides this malware with an easy way to modify advertisement SDKS.

What is important to remember is that this malware cannot infect devices that are not jailbroken, and those who do jailbreak their devices, should always be aware of any potential security and privacy implications that can arise as a result. Jailbreaking may bring you a lot of benefits including customization, tweaks and themes, but if you aren't careful and ensure that you only install tweaks from legitimate sources, you can compromise your device. If you have a jailbroken device, we recommend that you avoid tweaks that don't come from a trusted Cydia repository.


Leaked iPhone 6 Photos Show Scratch Resistant Apple Logo

8/14/2014 09:00:00 AM - 0 comments

The iPhone 6 is nearly upon us and the rumors and leaks have become incessant at this stage. We are also starting to hear some confirmed reports from reliable sources at this stage too. We've seen images of the iPhone 6's rear shell so many times now since the details of the revised form factor began to emerge, but a new, high-quality image has been leaked that really gets up close to this particular component.

We are fairly certain that the iPhone 6's housing will follow a similar design language to that of the iPad Air/iPod touch, we haven't seen such a magnified view of it before. This image comes from Feld & Volk and what is really noticeable is that the area where the volume buttons are going to be is ever-so slightly indented, making it just that little bit easier to press them down.

The images from Feld & Volk also let you take a close-up look at the embedded Apple logo that everyone has been talking about over the past couple of weeks. The accompanying report goes on to state that the logo is comprised of some scratch-resistant metallic compound which sounds pretty interesting.

According to Re/code's John Paczkowski, the iPhone 6 will be announced at a special event on the 9th of September, and if this is the case, we should see invitations going out shortly. At this launch we should see the 4.7 inch and the 5.5 inch variants of the new iPhone 6 being unveiled, although the larger model is not expected to hit the retail market for several weeks after.

We are still waiting on official confirmation but for now, why not take a look at the leaked images from Feld & Volk and see what you think.


Beats Gets Its Own Dedicated Section On Apple's Online Store

8/12/2014 09:32:00 AM - 0 comments

Apple acquiring Beats Electronic was a major story so far this year and it came very much out of the blue. Apple usually stay away from big money buyouts so the decision to snap up the Dr. Dre-founded company was a big shock to a lot of people. Now that the $3 billion agreement has been given the stamp of approval, Beats has been given its very own special space on the Apple retail site, where you will find headphones, speakers and more.

As has been speculated, it was Beats Music service that Apple saw the most value in, despite a relatively modest user base. The fledgling service boasts a neat design and impressive catalog, and although Apple has struggled since introducing a similar offering with iTunes radio, Beats Music could actually hold the key to Tim Cook and company mounting a substantial assault on this very lucrative market.

Beats to most people however is known for their hardware, and although many people have been consistent in their criticism of the sound quality of these premium-priced accessories, their role in combining music, fashion and technology is undeniable.

The new section on the Apple site still includes the “Beats by Dr. Dre” slogan which shows that the hip-hop mogul himself still has an important role to play. He and Jimmy Iovine, who co-founded Beats Electronics, are now significant members of Apple's expansive team, and the collaboration of these two well-recognized brands seems to be a fruitful and mutually beneficial one.

As well as the main site, the Apple Store app also has its own Beats section, where you can browse through the growing number of options available. Since being bought by Apple, Beats has released a couple of new products including the Beats Solo2 over-ear headphones and the Powerbeats2 wireless earphones. We are really looking forward to seeing what is to come of this collaboration and as always, we will keep you updated with any information we receive.


iTunes 11.3.1 For Mac and Windows Now Available

8/08/2014 09:28:00 AM - 0 comments

Apple has just released a new version of iTunes for Mac OS X and Windows. This new version looks at fixing a number of bugs and below you can find out more about what to expect with this new updated version. There are no new features as part of this release, but Apple confirmed via the software's release notes that this was all about fixing a couple of bugs that have been plaguing those who use iTunes as their podcast manager.

If you do still use iTunes as your app of choice for subscribing and listening to podcasts then you may want to pay attention to this particular update because it is being pushed out by Apple in order to correct one big issue that caused some podcasts not to update with new episodes as well as another bug that simply causes iTunes to become unresponsive when browsing those podcasts.

According to the official release notes, “iTunes 11.3.1 addresses a problem where subscribed podcasts may stop updating with new episodes and resolves an issue where iTunes may become unresponsive while browsing your podcasts episodes in a list.”

As well as the newly updated iTunes, Apple has also released a new update for its Digital RAW Camera support with new cameras being added to the compatibility list for both iPhoto and Aperture. Cameras from the likes of Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic are included in the full list.

Both of these new updates are available via Software Update inside the Mac App Store right now. If you are doing a fresh install, all you have to do is point your browser to apple.com/itunes and from there you can grab the latest iTunes release. The download is quite small too which is great. We do recommend that you go ahead and update your iTunes even if you aren't having any problems, because these updates bring with them a lot of performance enhancement that you won't realize until you get them.


Apple To Hold iPhone 6 Event On September 9

8/06/2014 08:34:00 AM - 0 comments

We've all read the rumors, looked at the mock-ups, and viewed the leaked images. Yes we're talking about the highly anticipated iPhone 6. We have suspected that we would see a release date being announced in September and it looks like we might now have a real date too. There has been so much speculation about the release date with many sources claiming it would be the 19th or the 26th of September. Now a reliable source has suggested that an event will actually be held on the 9th of September.

This new information comes from Re/code's John Paczkowski and although the date can't be confirmed, it does make sense given the past releases. After the iPhone 5s's percievably rudimentary upgrade, Apple is expected to really up the ante this time around, with a redesigned handset borrowing much of its design traits from the iPad Air and iPod touch. Apple is also said to finally increase the amount of display real estate available, with a 4.7 inch model also said to be accompanied by a 5.5 inch “phablet” model.

Inside the iPhone 6, we are anticipating an enhanced, Apple A8 processor, improved camera, and if some reports are to be believed, Apple may also indulge in NFC. Apple have stood by and watched as Android vendors planted NFC into their smartphones as a matter of standard procedure. Having remained cautious, it looks like this might finally be bundled into the iPhone 6.

From the information we have gathered, the larger iPhone 6 may be subject to delay and although Paczkowski seems well informed of the September 9th announcement, it remains to be seen whether or not the larger of these devices will also be unveiled. Considering earlier reports, we might see both being showcased on the day with the official release of the 4.7 inch model coming just a week or two after the event. At this stage though it is still merely speculation as we wait for an official announcement from Apple themselves.

There is just one month to go before we finally get to see what the next generation iPhone is going to look like and after seeing so many mock-ups and leaked images, we really can't wait to see what the official iPhone 6 is going to look like. We will of course keep you updated on everything we hear in the run up to the launch so be sure to check back regularly so you don't miss anything.


Save $32 With Our Paid iPhone and iPad Apps Gone FREE Today

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We love these posts and they seem to be getting more and more regular too. Developers are obviously seeing the benefits of making their apps free from a limited period and for you, our readers, you get top apps without any cost to your pocket. Today the FREE apps are valued at $32 and are definitely worth downloading for your iOS device.

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Stickyboard 2 ($5 to FREE – iPad)

Stickyboard 2 is a popular whiteboard app that lets you effortlessly take quick notes in a simple and well designed user interface. Normally $5, this little gem is free for a limited time only and can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

Angry Birds Star Wars II ($1 to FREE – iPhone / iPad)

Angry Birds Star Wars II has finally gone free on iOS. Normally $1, you can get your hands on this addictive game right now without it costing you a things. Get ready to spend hours defeating those little pigs again.

PDF Connect ($6 to FREE – iPhone / iPad)

Free today, PDF Connect is a well known app that lets you scan, view and edit PDF documents on your iOS device. It usually costs $6 so this really is a great savings and you can get it from iTunes today.

Open Home Pro ($15 to FREE – iPad)

Now this really is a gem. Open Home Pro is available for the iPad and is a premium app that has been designed for real estate agents. It normally costs $15 and for a limited time you can get it free on iOS. This is a massive saving so be sure to grab it today while you can.

It is worth noting that all the free apps that we post are only free for a limited period of time. You need to download them as soon as possible because they usually don't stay free for more than 24 hours. If you see something you like, grab it now before its too late.


Stream Torrent Files To Apple TV Via AirPlay

7/29/2014 01:22:00 PM - 0 comments

Today we want to let you know about a new app that is sure to really annoy Apple. The app we are talking about is TorrentTV, a cross-platform streaming app that allows users to stream torrents directly to their Apple TV. Apple TV currently only allows users to view content that is provided or directly curated by Apple and this is fine, but a lot of people like to do a lot more.

In a bid to provide more, the developers behind TorrentTV have come up with a clever way of interacting with Apple's AirPlay protocol to allow torrents to be streamed directly to the attached TV set. The newly created software available for Windows, OS X, and Linux, uses the same underlying streaming code that was found in the Popcorn Time app that hit headlines a couple of months back. The TorrentTV app also uses an extremely simple interface that allows media to simply be dragged and dropped on the UI for the streaming process to begin.

We can't say that we approve of what the developers behind this app are trying to achieve, but the fact that it doesn't acutally index or save any files should give it an extremely small amount of leeway when the legal teams of the big companies come looking for them. By downloading sequential parts of the provided file in the background, the service is able to stream the embedded media immediately to Apple TV, and even the Roku.

Even though we are letting you know about this app, we do get the feeling that it won't be long until this app suffers the wrath of the big boys and we all know that torrents are really frowned upon, so download this at your own discretion.